Management Team

Shipra Dawar
Founder and CEO, IWill

Shipra is an Australian National University Graduate and Alumni of Boston Consulting Group.
Shipra's personal struggle with depression in the past motivated her to find a solution that would make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling with emotional and mental health issues. It was this motivation that led to the genesis of Epsyclinic.
Shipra is an innovator and a visionary. She never stops, not until she creates the best solution possible. So along with a network of therapists and collective insights of her consumers behaviour via Epsyclinic- she and her team created an innovative mobile first product- I Will.

Ashish Dwivedi
COO, IWill

Ashish Dwivedi is the COO and resources man of the IWill team. We call him the go getter! No matter what the task at hand, he makes sure that he gets the work done.