About ePsyClinic

I am ePsyClinic.com, India's leading online mental health care provider working round the clock to make professional & world class therapy and counseling service available to my customers at the comfort of their homes/offices or anywhere else by making use of internet based new-age technologies of Video, Audio, Chat and Messages.-A new age mental health and wellness medium that utilizes an audio, video, chat and message interface to deliver counseling/therapy.

    My primary goals are:
  1. To increase “actionable awareness” of mental health care issues so that people suffering, seek professional help without the fear ofbeing judged, stigmatization and isolation.
  2. To make affordable and quality mental health care accessible to one and all, from the comfort of their own settings without compromising the "promise of therapeutic service".
  3. To ensure positive outcome driven therapy and counseling for people suffering from various mental issues and battling various personal life contexts. I ensure value for your hard earned money and promise to assist you in navigating smoothly through a tough phase of your life.
    To ensure that I meet all my primary goals:
  1. I have an abundant repository of free & premium articles, brain train content and resources that help generate awareness about avariety of mental health stressors, issues and disorders; and also help people battling these issues and their caregivers, cope with the same effectively. My team runs many awareness programs at schools, corporations, shopping malls, complexes, village blocks, government organizations to name a few, with a single goal to generate "actionable awareness". My team also streams live webinars every fortnight on YouTube and Vimeo discussing one mental health care topicat a time. I also rely on you to share these events, articles and resources on Face book, Twitter and other online and offline social platforms to help me and my team in our initiative to promote seeking mental health care or “actionable awareness”.
  2. I have inbuilt video, chat, audio and email functionality. This means that you will be able to take sessions online though your laptop, desktop (for smartphone, iOS & android app launching in June last week 2015)
  3. This means that just using your laptop, desktop and/ or smartphone you can connect with professionally trained online therapists and counselors in my network.Before starting, you may want to look up the fee structure for a one time session. We also offer packages where you may choose from the number of sessions you wish to take. Booking multiple sessions is an economical option as compared to if you buy one session at a time. However, this option does suit some and therefore is available.
  4. My team comprises of best Clinical and Counseling Psychologists from across India. My network is called ePsyClinic’s Therapy and Counseling Professional Network (eTCPN). My founding team strives to hire, retain and train the best mental healthcare professionals in India. My team has undergone extensive training for online therapy/counseling prior to launch since this modality has different specifications and requirements as compared to face-to-face therapy or the more traditional ways of delivering psychotherapy.is extensively trained in-house in conducting online therapy sessions professionally and effectively. My team also undergoes rigorous performance reviews every fortnight to ensure the delivery of quality mental health care. I not only try to match face to face counseling efficacy but exceed the effectiveness in some areas by making use of ePsyClinic’s Thought-Monitoring Records and Daily-Task Planners that are designed and customized to help an individual battling with mental stressors and issues.These records and planners are sharable in real-time and therefore psychologists in my network can review and track your progress/decline regularly between therapy sessions and provide timely tips and necessary suggestions through messages and chat to help bring the best therapy outcomes. I havea strict compliance framework in place along with ePsyClinic’s Standard Online Therapy and Counseling Operating Procedures that eTCPN has to follow and abide to under all circumstances.