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Therapy for Sexual Wellness

Sex as a word is still a taboo in many cultures that most of the times people find it hard to open up and seek help for difficulties and issues concerning their sexuality and sexual behavior. ePsyClinic.com  can help in treating psychosexual disorders, sexual content addiction, odd sexual fixations and more.

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Steps for Complete sexuality wellness with ePsyClinic.com

Step 0: Take a free 15 min discussion session by clicking pink chat button on bottom left of the page. 


Step 1:  Take a full therapy session of 60 mins with one of the listed expert providers or as suggested. 

Step 2. Our expert after assessment and discussion will structure a customised plan, follow up routine, relationship routine for you & your partner

Step 3. You can avail all the online tools and support. 

Step 4. Follow up, communication, review and tracking  your wellness 


Step 5: You have a healthy life, a life filled with sexual wellness & happiness abound :) 


 At ePsyClinic.com you can get help for 

  • Psycho-sexual Dysfunctions
  • Gender Identity Issues
  • Ageing and Sexual Activity
  • LGBT Mental Health and wellbeing 
  • Reproductive Issues
  • Sexual Education for adolescents and adults
  • Sexual Content Addiction

Who can avail services for this area?

  • Individuals with gender identity confusion 
  • Homosexuals & Trans-genders with issues of acceptance and other emotional disturbances
  • Individuals or couples experiencing difficulties in their sexual life.
  • Young adults looking for information on sex and sexuality
  • Professionals wanting to know more about sexuality and Issues


Please do not hesitate to reach out! On this page you will find related articles to common issues people face as Parents that can cause stress along with coping and management strategies. Also listed is/are the expert Psychologist/s for this specialty area.

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