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 ePsyClinic.com will assist you to
 Be able to identify symptoms of addiction
 Understand the various types of addiction, example, substance, 
internet use, gambling, gaming, sex etc.
 Classify it among mild, moderate or severe
 Prevent getting addicted to substances/ activities
 Understand and work on the possible triggers for addiction
 Be aware of best ways to deal with the physical and psychological dependence on a substance
 Deal with the withdrawal symptoms from the addictive substance/ activity
 Know how to regulate addiction symptoms and take a step towards recovery
 Find alternative substances/ activities to replace the addictive substance/ activity
 Ensure support of your family and friends
 Reduce/ avoid addiction cues from the environment
 Deal with your emotions during the de-addiction process like anxiety, sadness, panic etc.
 Understand relapse prevention principles and its practice
 Learn craving management
 Maintain recovery over time
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Steps for complete de-addiction treatment at ePsyClinic.com
Step 0: Take a  15 min discussion session with a de-addiction expert by Clicking the Pink Chat button on the bottom left corner to understand how therapy and treatment will work for you. 
Step 1:  Book and avail a full session of 60 mins with the listed de-addiction expert providers. 
Step 2. Our experts will structure a customised de-addiction plan and follow up routine for you 
Step 3. You can avail all the online tools and support that help you maintain, track & stick to the routine for de-addiction. The follow up sessions will take care of any addiction related issues. 
Step 4. Follow up, communication, review and tracking your de-addiction wellness 
Step 5: You have a healthy life free from addiction :)
Some statistics & facts that beg your attention. 
i. Internet addiction is seen 6% among teen internet users. Social interpersonal and anxiety problems have been associated with a higher risk for internet addiction
ii. Depressed girls had a much higher rate of internet addiction than boys who were experiencing similar feelings
iii. Youths with internet addiction reported greater dissatisfaction with their families, greater parent-child conflict and saw their parents as more punitive, and less supportive
iv. Harmful use of alcohol results in the death of 2.5 million people 
v. Alcohol consumption causes liver cirrhosis, epilepsy, poisoning, road traffic accidents, violence and several types of cancer
vi.  6% to 8% people can be classified as addicted to sex 

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