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 ePsyclinic.com  will to help you and your elder loved ones  deal and overcome anxiety, caregiver's fatigue and issues like depression and stress. 
Serious medical conditions like cancer, accident survivors, and psychiatric illnesses, neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia can be extremely fatiguing and emotionally disturbing for both, the person experiencing it and their caregiver.
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Why emotional & mental wellness help for elderly health patients & Caregivers?
A person living with a serious medical illness will experience lot of negative emotions like guilt, anger, frustration, learned helplessness and depression. A life full of chronic pain, malaise and dependency on others for even daily life activities like grooming may make a person with a serious medical problem have extremely poor self-esteem and frustrated.
At the same time, caregiving for people with serious physical or emotional disabilities involves help with activities like administering medication, activities of daily living and personal hygiene such as bathing, grooming, transfers, feeding, home chores like cooking and cleaning as well as serving as an emotional support for the person who is ill. This may leave no personal time for the caregiver to relax or the slightest stress may appear too big and unmanageable. 
 Following services are available for the caregivers or for those suffering from serious medical issues
  • Managing Caregiver's day in a way that would keep them emotionally and physically healthy 
  • Learning effective coping skills to deal with the compassion fatigue or stress and fatigue that arises from caring
  • Depression & Anxiety Treatment in Elderly 
  • Coping skill to deal with emotional disturbances arising from having serious medical issues
  • Learning to lead a happier life
  • Relationship enrichment with others around you
  • Planning for the future as life 
Who can avail services for this area?
  • Any person with a Prime caregiver role for the Terminally Ill
  • Any Person with Chronic/terminal illness or medical issue
  • Family members of the one “cared for”
  • Nurses
  • Attendants
  • Doctors
  • Social workers
  • Trauma workers
  • Psychologists/counselors
How do we help? 
  •  24/7 Online Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Online counselling  services are provided so that you can speak/write to an expert at the time when you most need  
  • Various planners are available in our services to help you sail through the ups and downs of this very important phase of your life.
  • Self -rating and self- monitoring records to help you stay active and alert about your daily schedules and various behavioral and emotional issues
  •  You will have opportunity to interact with people having similar issues and learn how they are coping with it through support groups/forums on the portal.
You can sit on your favorite chair or couch in your pajamas and avail instant relief and guidance from our expert counselors/clinical psychologists on chats, emails, videos, calls and message support etc.
Please we urge you to get help now! You are not alone and we surely can make a difference !
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