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The Genius in Autism Spectrum Disorders

02 Apr 2015


What do Albert Einstein, Mozart, Newton and Charles Darwin have in common? They were geniuses, did you say? Although these individuals stand out for their contributions to arts, mathematics, literature, and science, if various sources are to be believed, they also have another thing in common. They were all suspected to lie on the autism spectrum disorder. Did that piece of information shock you? Did you think that autism comprised of low intelligence? You couldn’t have been more wrong.


ASD or autism spectrum disorder refers to a group of disorders which varies by its range of severity. Those afflicted with ASD have difficulty in social communication, social interaction and social imagination. Those who have a high functioning autism often are seen to have an average or above average IQ. High functioning autism is also associated with high levels of creativity. It gives an individual high level of focus.

More recently, Susan Boyle and Courtney Love are people who suffer from ASD and are well known for their singing/ acting talents. Successful people on the ASD spectrum are a source of inspiration for the afflicted and their families. Though Autism symptoms can be detrimental to adequate functioning; with effort and tenacity, one can achieve great heights with the support of loved ones.

The treatment of ASD requires an early detection and intervention. Once detected, the important way to provide support is for parents to learn the strategies taught by teachers and therapists and use them with their autistic child. Learning to apply the principles of applied behavioral analysis and utilizing floor activities to encourage the child can yield good results. Sensory problems pose another important issue in ASD. Using sensory integration activities alleviates the discomfort caused by sensory dysfunction.

One needs to build up on the strengths and interests of the child. Some of the strengths associated with ASD are intense focus, perfectionism, organization, honesty, attention to details, adhering to routines, reliability, independent thinking, and high level of knowledge of interest areas. They can be excellent in sports or as artists. Whatever appeals to the individual decides where he/she might be best utilizing his/her talents.

The famous people who have made it despite suffering from ASD bridge the gap between people with autism and the neurotypical world. They are an inspiration to the children and parents who are affected by ASD and prove that the disorder comes with its fair share of assets along with challenges.

No matter what the prognosis is, with the support of family and care of professionals, one can achieve success to his/her greatest capacity.


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