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Some Mental Health & Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Pregnancy Experience

16 Mar 2015

Have you ever felt sudden mood swings irritating your own self or having craving and binges one moment and suddenly no hunger the other moment during your periods?

This is just a small example of what hormones can do to your body and you feel so helpless and so not in control of your own body. And this may even make you feel confused and anxious all the more if you are planning to conceive. Conception and nine months of nurturance is a whole lot of work that a woman's body has to get geared up for and in addition to the physical strain, the hormonal changes that accompany conception may add to the whole experience becoming more stressful.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your body for conception if you still in the planning stages and also for those of you who have already conceived

  1. Be more Mindful or more observant about your own mood changes and if you can identify any triggers for say feeling irritated, or angry or sad and yes also triggers that make you happy. Make a mental note of these triggers and if you wish you could actually make a daily diary of these so you actually pinpoint what situations or people or health states or even foods make you feel these various moods.
  2. Prepare a daily routine schedule if you do not have one right now and you would need one whether you work or are a homemaker. This is to ensure that you are having a balanced life style where in you are spending at least 60 minutes on yourself in a day. Spend this time on an activity that would make you feel relaxed and happy and Tv watching is definitely not one of them. Include atleast 20 minutes of walk or exercise and the time left on relaxing and even meditating. Meditation is one way to become a focused observer of your own self and accepting a lot of things about you that are not so easy to change.
  3. Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet including food from all food groups. Its ok to give in to cravings as long as balance it in the next meal you have.
  4. Keep socializing and be vocal about the support you need. Sometime, people around may genuinely not realise that you need help.
  5. Plan your finances and make a list of other requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to make this transition period easier for you and your partner.

There are many more suggestions that I can give but that would vary from person to person depending on their own issues and current financial, emotional and social circumstances. For that Log in at & Find me there


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