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Positive Psychology

15 Mar 2015

Instead of focusing on illness or disorder, positive psychology focuses on happiness, it is rather the study of how to make happiness happen to yourself.

This wing of psychology is dedicated to bettering the quality of ones life, overall. Psychologists and therapists are in the effort to empower their clients with these tools. They can then use these tools in real life situations when life really demands. Those that master these tools are able to keep a healthy boundary between what is going on outside and how they deal with it internally. They are successfully able to distance themselves from, for example, excessive worrying in situations where they know it will be a waste of time or when things are out of their control.

The subjective experience of the individual is given value. Purely negative or problem focused frame of reference is generally avoided by those who practice positive psychology.

Positive psychology is focused on how to milk the situation for what it is. It is focused on optimism. It asks the ordinary person, how they flourish in times of trouble. It also asks how they were able to bounce back from trouble; what factors have made them resilient.

The study of strengths and virtues of the average man. At the individual’s level, it is about the capacity for positive individual traits for example, the capacity for love, coping, vocation, and wellbeing during adversity and such.

Positive psychology is essentially the same as psychology however, it urges therapists to look at the individual and see what has ‘worked’ instead of what needs to be ‘fixed’ as in the medical model. This new-age approach is different from traditional approaches that look for a solution or a cause or even the etiology of the problem.

Satisfaction, happiness, hope, and optimism redefine this school of thought.

One can always find an example to illustrate this idea if we look around. Individuals in the society that are famous like Oprah, JK Rowling, Dhirubhai Ambani, and Bill Gates, to name a few are also those that have proved themselves in spite of failing several times at first. But not only celebrities, you will see survivors of trauma, child sexual abuse, rape or just those dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, loss of a loved one cope in a commendable manner. Commonly we can find examples of positive psychology in everyday, within our homes or in the small acts that people do.


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