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Insuring the Mental Wellness of the Would Be Mother !

14 Mar 2015

Did you just receive your good news? Has it come as a surprise? News…umm. Ofcourse I am talking about Pregnancy. I have two daughters -3 and 7 and I so often find myself thinking about my pregnancy days and the feeling of a new life growing inside me. There’s no memory that makes me feel so, happy as the memory of feeling my baby kick inside me. 
But there were ofcourse those moments of distress and helplessness like leave alone being able to eat my favorite chocolate cake, I used to vomit the minute it was brought before me. On a serious note pregnancy is indeed a roller coaster ride where the “Pregnancy’ and its accompanying hormonal changes have different effects on moms-to-be and their mental health and physical health is changed, at least temporarily.From nausea to round ligament pain to labor contractions and to the most talked about psychological aftermath of pregnancy: PPD or post-partum depression. Some factors that may affect your positivity and ability to bear stress.
1) Poor physical health
2) Already having children
3) Poor social and economic support
4) Increased physical distress as pregnancy progresses and not being prepared to face it
5) History of emotional or psychological disturbances or poor immunity to stress
Unless there is a real serious psychological disturbance or major trauma during your pregnancy, the whole process of pregnancy can actually be experienced as a positive change and the feeling of psychological well-being can be enhanced with the help of positive psychology tenets. 
It provides you with a wonderful tool for improving your ability to thrive in life along with the usual daily life stressors and pregnancy. Positive psychology focuses on increasing your psychological immunity to stress when you are pregnant and result in a happier and more resilient you. It stresses on learning to be optimistic and being mindful of your experience. It also stresses on being grateful for little things and the big things in your life.
For example, feel grateful for being able to nurture a baby inside you and feel grateful for any help that you receive from your loved ones at this time. This will not only make them happy but will also make you realize that you are not alone and you are supported.
 Some tips that may help you increase your immunity to stress associated with pregnancy are:
1) Make a schedule which has time for your emotional and physical growth.
2) Eat well balanced nutritious meals and focus on every bite you take of that fruit or glass of juice.Every sip you take of that juice-feel grateful for it and feel it getting absorbed for a better you and a healthy baby. Also no matter how busy your day seems and however difficult it seems to take out 10 minutes for your ownself, please do take moments to meditate or paint and another 10-15 minutes of exercise. Once you start doing it, you will feel happy and proud. 
3) Rest adequately and as frequently as your body demands. Listen to your body!
4) Keep a thought/feeling diary to record any unpleasant thought or feeling that occurs to you or lingers on in your mind and disturbs you. Try thinking of it as a dead end that’s is stopping you from reaching your goal of being happy and positive. Think about alternative thoughts that can make you move ahead and turn the unpleasantness into pleasantness or irrational into rational. Bottom-line please be optimistic. 
Following these may help you face stress with a little more strength and the biggest bonus of feeling happier and positive during your pregnancy will be evident in your feeling more energetic and ready to bring another happy angel in this world.

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