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How do we address the elephant in the room-The Mental Issue Epidemic!

07 Mar 2015


India has the highest rate of suicides in the world…India also has the highest number of people in the world to have gone through a major depressive episode. Do you think these are random facts? While genetic make-up at the individual level affects our mental health just like it affects our physical health, but a major reason for India to find an absolutely undesired place at the top on Depression, Anxiety & Suicide Rates’ World Map is that we allow stress, sadness and anxiety to go unchecked for far too long.

Indians report high-fatigue due to nature of jobs or unemployment, high chronic stress due to care-giver burden falling alone at the family level rather than jointly shared with state or collective. Also Indians report very high difficulty to let-go & function normally after losing/being separated from a loved one in comparison to people living in other countries. We are also a nation of over achievers but sometimes this again leads to high individual stress & work-life issues.

Most of these issues we face are inevitable. Also we cannot change our priorities overnight. However where we lag is that unlike people in other developed nations who seek help as soon as stress starts interfering with their routine lives, we try to battle it all by ourselves. So what we must do at an individual level and as a society is rather than sitting & living with stress/fatigue/anxiety as a part of life, be aware & raise our hands for ourselves and /or for someone who we know is coping ineffectively while going through a challenging phase! Awareness is thus the primary first step!


For many people not awareness but acceptance that there may be an underlying mental issue is a bigger challenge. The common thoughts that a person gets are “Am I going mad”, “will people consider me mad”, “I should not be so weak” and so on. What we need to realise here is that just like our body, our life, our ability to stay alert, our mind’s capacity too is FINITE. There are situations & stages which diminish the ability of the person’s mind to be its energetic & youthful best. Why should there be any shame around this and why any fear to accept it? After all we do not hesitate to say that we overstrained our back in a football match and need physio-sessions. Why should this shame have to revolve around being a warrior in a tough situation? We need to be able to say loud that yes “I battled this personally challenging situation and yes that has caused me mental fatigue and yes I need some help and yes that NEITHER MAKE ME MAD OR WEAK” The Acceptance thus is the second key step!



The last challenge then is finding an avenue, a mental health care provider that provides a private/safe and secure mental-wellbeing avenue to help achieve mental & emotional wellness.. This is precisely why we have developed This is INDIA’S First 24*7 Online Mental Health Care Clinic. You can read more about’s services here or watch a video  .

Whether you choose or other avenues more suitable to you, the Key is Action and I will encourage you take the right step towards your health.

Mental health has a direct impact on your physical health, your success, your career & YOU! It has caused enough damage and this damage has to STOP NOW!

Please do not ignore. Please reach out!

Please remember that Triple AAAs are required for us to win the battle against Mental Issues :Awareness, Acceptance & Action

Thanks for Reading :)




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