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Why Choose for Mental health care?

07 Mar 2015 

We are INDIA’S First 24*7 Online Mental Health Care Clinic with instant & booked appointments. We have launched these services to bridge an important gap between the urgent need for mental wellness & health care services and the acute shortage of supply.

We don’t just connect you with mental health care providers,  rather we design services & take accountability and responsibility of the quality of our mental health-care & well-being services.


Mental Health Care Team

Our team comprises of best Consultant Psychologists trained from premier institutions like AIIMS, IHBAS, Manipal, Albany university-New York, Christ College, IIT to name a few.

We internally train our consultants specifically for delivering an as effective online Counselling/Psychotherapy & Care as face to face offline sessions.



Our Structured online therapy sessions will help you navigate effectively through tough phases of life, to grow and overcome Mental issues such as Depression & anxiety in a secured & private setting. We have exclusively designed online diaries & Planners that are shared in real-time between you and your consultant to help you achieve your mental-wellness goals & make the process more effecient. 


We have a secured Payment Gateway & have video/chat/audio/messaging system inbuilt on our portal. We are HIPPA Compliant (rules that govern online tele-medicine & tele-consultation.

You can watch this video to know more about

Our Services

We offer Services across 12 Specialities designed to help you navigate effectively through unique challenges/issues that people face based on being a part of an:

Age group

1. Children & Adolescents

 2. Young Adults 

 3. Elderly


Life stage

4. Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy

5. Family & Relationships

6. Effective Parenting

Personal Context 

7. Sexuality

8. Lifestyle

9. Professional Wellness

Debilitating Issue

10. Serious health issues & Caregivers 

11. Psychological Issues

12.  Addiction 

Our Free resources 

We have1000s of self-help articles that not only explain various stressors, events, issues but also share expert management tips & coping techniques with you.

 We also have relaxation, stress-management, anger management audio podcasts created by psychology & well-ness experts and you can access them for free just by being our registered member. Register with us now for Free!!!

If you want to discuss/or have any questions about our services, you can call us now at +919650961465!

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