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8 crazy changes expected of a woman as soon as she is Married!

12 Jul 2017


1. You are now a married woman. You should dress modestly:

Wait what, do you think wearing a cut-sleeves kurti or a skirt is not modest? Just because I got married, I should be clad in a different set of clothes. Why doesnt the same change reflect on my hubby dearest?

2. Plan for kids before it is too late:
I just got married 2 months ago. I have hardly spent any time in forming a bond with my partner. Marriage is a big change and I am struggling to fathom its degree. And here you want me to have babies.
3. Now she is your first mom, your other mom is your second mom:
Why on earth do you have to say this? Just because I got married, it should mean that my own parents are now secondary in my life? Nothing can sound  more fake and superficial than this. My mom will be my first mom now and forever! 
4. Starting work again, got the permission?:
Am I kid? What is this permission business. I am an adult married to an adult. Why will I seek someone else's approval for work life that I deserve to be in as an adult!
5. Grow your hair now:
If you were lucky enough to get married with the short hair :), you won't be spared post marriage. You would get request to grow your hair since well now you are married. But you don't know but it really feels bad to hear these random "Taanas". Why should I grow my hair. So that my husband can pull my chhoti? This one is not just bizarre but also takes away a lot of your mental peace away!
6. Don't sleep till late, its not your parent's house:
Yes but its my house and that is why I am here in the first place! If my body needs rest, I am going to get it for myself!
7. Don't walk around your home in pyjamas. This is your in-laws house:  
Why not? My god. So should I be dressed up like  in saree early mornings? Its distressing to even think in this way. 
8. Don't spend time with your friends now:
And get sad, upset and depressed? My social circle keeps me wanted, happy and alive. If I don't talk to them, I don't feel alive anymore! And why should marriage have anything to do with the friends I can or cannot have! Its really suffocating!

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