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Thank God For The Other Woman & Her Affair With Him

05 May 2017

I had grown up hearing that everything happens for the best.  But I questioned this phrase for almost two years! I had a small happy family. Just me and my husband. It was a love-marriage and a quick decision.  We got married within 1 month of meeting eachother. First five months were bliss and dreamy. And then my supposedly fairy-tale married life got over in a jiffy. I lost my beloved husband- to another woman. She shamelessly stole my hubby and I was a total mess. I couldn’t believe a woman could be so horrible to another woman. My hubby was snatched from me and I couldn’t do anything. She was a new employee is his office I had heard. She was very good looking no doubt. I was plain in front of her. She had shared the pictures of their blooming love on Instagram. I just couldn't stand her. I hated her from the bottom of my heart. It felt as her smiling face was smirking at me with taunts. I used to cry all the time. I couldn’t understand why would someone want to  steal a happily married man. Maybe it helped her ego. Maybe she had self doubts and needed this ego boost. But she had spoilt my life. I was all alone with no hope for the future. I prayed everyday that she would one day realise her mistake and relieve my hubby. I loved him and the loss was unbearable for me. I wanted him and needed him in my life. She came like a witch and took away all my dreams with her. She had so conveniently taken away what was mine. How could she? Was it that easy?

For the next few months I kept sulking. My best friend seeing me in a miserable state booked a counselling session for me and I reluctantly took it. It took few sessions of therapy and lot of self realisation to finally understand that she did not steal him from me. She wasn’t at fault. I was targeting my bitterness at the wrong person. Infact I am thankful to her now that she took away a man who was never man enough. The society tends to blame the other woman automatically. But it was the husband who needed to be blamed. He was a dumper and a loser. He dumped and ditched his newly wed wife. Only a loser could do that. He didn’t care about me. After the session I approached his colleagues and friends to know about his history. He was a womanizer. He had been into many relationships and had also broken 3 engagements. He couldn’t stick to one woman. He would probably leave his present girlfriend too. But for now I am thankful that she took him away from my life as quickly as possible.

Dear other woman,

Thank you for giving me the chance to find my real soulmate. Thank you for this opportunity to find someone who is worth my time. I thank you with my whole heart for breaking my happy family. I am very happy and ready to face my life again with love and laughter.

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