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Breakthrough Research: Women More Prone to Depression & Memory Issues

04 Mar 2015


Women are more prone to depression and memory decline: Here are some research backed facts : A scientific perspective to help you brace up and work out to 


avoid going down your positivity graph.



Women report 50% more cases of depression than men. Women mental health demands even more attention because women are more predisposed on a molecular level for acquiring mental health problems. It has always been out in the open that women tend to have more chances of getting mental health problems like depression, bipolar disorder but they were often attributed to the stressors and risks women are exposed to. However, in study conducted by Shors and Leuner from Rutgers University have scientifically proven the fact that women are more inclined to have such problem because they are biologically made up like that.

The Estrogen Effect 

A hormone called estrogen is released from ovaries and is very important for the reproductive cycles. These hormones are usually secreted in low amount prior to menses, immediately after child birth during peri-menopause (the time around menopause) and the menopausal transition when women report maximum cases of depression or depressive symptoms. This indicates that the changing level of estrogen has an effect on affect or mood of the women. The depressive symptoms are most prominent and prolonged when levels of estrogen fluctuate.

This effect is been explained by the way estrogen hormone interacts neurotransmitter serotonin. The neurons that make up the nerves release a chemical called serotonin which is supposed to keep the stress levels lower. Estrogen is seen to interact with serotonin and prevent serotonin levels from going down by either increasing serotonin synthesis or maintaining the serotonin levels. Therefore, even though estrogen (which is found in largely in females) keep depression in control, improves mood and increases the sense of well-being, women are still more prone to depression because there is a possibility of fluctuation of estrogen levels. Special care towards must mental among women must be taken during the times when this fluctuation is possible such as after childbirth or towards menopause.  

Another fact is that this estrogen also plays a role in improving mental activity and cognitive performances. Estrogen boosts memory. In an animal experiment model it was seen that female rats performed best when they were high on estrogen. They could remember and perform better under low stress than male rats. When a stressful event happened male performed better than female rats. This difference was presence of estrogen. When the stressful stimulus was applied, it resulted in depletion of estrogen levels, hence, poor memory and performance. This effect was reverted when estrogen was restored. Therefore, another reason why stress needs to be checked is stress causes lesser estrogen leading to poor memory and decline mental performance.

So Self-Care and awareness is a must for women so that they may try and prevent  decline in mental & cognitive abilities.


Some Tips for Balancing Estrogen Levels


  • Keep your memory and mental processing intact and keep depression away by simply maintaining the estrogen levels. Positive estrogen balance can be maintained by maintaining a  healthy diet plan i.e. more greens & fruits, avoiding substance abuse & regularly doing exercises & Yoga.

  • Stress has a strong negative impact on estrogen levels. If you are under stress lately, some awareness and positive therapy & counseling will be very useful.




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