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My Wife Forced Me To Have Sex With Her, But It’s A Joke To The World

29 Apr 2017

Do you know how it feels to want to be able to scream out loud, but you can't? You just have to cover your mouth tightly, lest some sound comes out. Because you know, even if you yell, it's never going to be understood. That was how my life was some time ago.

You know, you read about horrifying happenings around our country towards women. And my heart goes out to them. The concept of consent, physical violation of somebody's personal space, the concept of "no means no"—all these are issues which women have been dealing with for so many years. And me, as a human being first, and then as a man, stand by them whole-heartedly.

But then came a time when I wanted someone to stand for me in a similar way. Do all these concepts only apply to women? If I say that my wife used to invade my personal space without my consent, would you believe me?

The tools used were not always physical force. But what about emotional, psychological pressures? Would you think they count?

Rape is too strong a word to be used in my context maybe. But, yes, I was forced into having sex with my wife when I did not want to. She used to cry, emotionally blackmail me, hurt herself—all because she wanted to have sex with me.

She wanted to have a child, and I did not want to be with her anymore.

The reasons were many for me not wanting to be with her. We have never gotten along. Both of us were too different in our expectations from each other. We were doing each other more harm than good by staying together. She used to shout on me, hate me and I started hating her too.

But she did not want a separation. And she thought that having a child would solve things.

So she started resorting to all these means to get me in bed.  She used to hit me, hit herself, threaten to commit suicide, cried so much that she used to faint. She even threatened to put a police case on me. Imagine who would have turned out to be the bad guy in that scenario?  All this ever did was that even started thinking about our situation as my fault.

I was dying from inside, every time I had to fake it with her. Yes, it is possible for guys to fake it too. I remember being so scared as I tried to get myself aroused enough just about finish the act.

I was scared, stifled and helpless because I was scared what she might do if I said no. Do these wordings sound familiar? We men are physically stronger than women, I agree. But our fears are similar, and most importantly our feelings are the same too.

I had suggested counseling to her so many times. But she had refused. I decided to seek therapy for my own self. I am greatful atlest the counselor understood me. She made me realize, that I was the victim in all this and not her.

Today it's been three months since I have separated from her. And I am slowly returning back to my earlier self. 

 I am definitely not looking for any relationship. But the trauma of my physical space being violated is slowly reducing. I am returning back to normalcy.

I have shared my story to give strength to all those who are suffering silently, being made to feel like they are at fault. I hope it helps. 

Not all rapes are physically forced! Forcing someone to make sex when they don't want it, is as bad!


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