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I Was Suffering Hell At The Hands Of My In-Laws.But not anymore!

27 Apr 2017

Why did you marry me to your son when it was so difficult to see another woman in your son’s life? You have such a high social standing in the society. People look upto you and you are known for your helping and kind nature. However, this is only limited to the outsiders or relatives. I was your daughter in law so there was no way I could ask for any kindness. I never got any respect and love from you. With your manipulative ideas you even managed to turn my husband against me. The only person who loved me in this house was also against me now. I felt helpless and lonely. You wanted everything in the house done according to your likings even if it meant inconvenience for others. I don’t know what made you so selfish.

You made sure I left my job immediately after marriage. I thought doing this will make you happy.  You made me stay at home in front of your eyes all the time. I felt like a puppet. But I also felt that maybe something was wrong with me or maybe I was lacking somewhere. You kept track of where I went and questioned me over silliest of matters. Even while I was pregnant you kept a strict tab on how much I spent on my food. It was disgusting and really cheap. I could never muster up the courage to argue with you. I kept doubting myself too thanks to your constant mind games.

But then soon you started questioning my parenting ways and I couldn’t take it anymore when you started manipulating my child too. My child was innocent and I couldn’t see you ruin his childhood. Glad I went for counselling to build my confidence. Otherwise I would have never been able to speak up. It helped me understand that I had the power within me to handle whatever negativity came my way. Now you and your everyday dramas mean nothing to me. I have realized how petty your thinking is.

I have learnt to ignore you now. No point giving any importance to you now. You can continue behaving the way you want. I won’t fall for your mean acts anymore. I know how to handle myself and the situations now. I am mentally strong now. I didn’t know I could be so patient. Mind is powerful.

 Your low acts will not bother me now. I feel bad for you. You lost a loving and caring person like me. Maybe that’s how you were raised. Maybe it isn’t your fault. Maybe I was letting you conveniently manipulate me. Now I won’t.


You can't write my destiny anymore. It’s my life and I will write it the way I wish to. I will live happily the way I deserve to. I have learnt to look beyond your flaws and enjoy life with respect. I don’t need your or anyone else's approval anymore. I feel powerful, content and at peace. I have discovered my strength finally and I have never felt so good.



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Type your message in the Chat  To connect instantly & privately to an expert EPsyClinic psychologist NOW



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