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I am slaying, I am just SAYING!

26 Apr 2017

An overweight teenager, that’s how the world saw me and I saw myself a year ago.

I was one of the most heaviest and underrated in my group of friends and class.

I dance really well.... But I never could muster the courage.  And there were the reasons of bullying that I had to face. Every time I walked in, my really close friends (I thought them to be) they used to make weird expressions, like an earthquake has come....And while I used to be embarrassed and sad, they used to laugh and do hi-fis. And then looking at my face, they would say, Aye Motu don’t feel bad...

My friends were still caring but unconcerned folks in college and school, used to make the weird sounds of “pom, pom, and pom” whenever they saw me... It scared my soul.

Once I had a crush on someone, they told me, bechara dab ke mar jayega, poor fellow would die under my weight. It was may be funny to them but not for me...

I had a long journey of struggle with weight. Since childhood, I was a little overweight. I was careless as a child too and I loved sweets but when people started making fun of me, I started eating less.

It didn’t help though, only thing it led to was a lot of weakness and turmoil.

I was frustrated. Then I joined a dance class.

 I learnt I had an amazing natural flair for dancing. And surprisingly, no one ever made fun of me thee. The instructor was very nice and encouraged me a lot.

Over a few years, I learnt beautiful dancing. But of the fear of rejection and of ridicule, I used to shy from enrolling in any dance competitions in the school and later college.

Every time I would see people dancing, I would die to tap my feet... I wanted to let my hair let loose and show the world, what I had in me! But then the next thought of those embarrassing moments that I was subjected to would kill my spirit.

My inability to express my art of the fear of ridicule made me really hopeless and sad... But then I saw a dance reality TV that comes in the USA. I saw that there was a woman even bigger than my size but she floored everyone with her performance. The people who made fun of her were now rooting for her.

Watching her dance and reigning in like a queen made me feel I need to showcase my skills too. It gave me such confidence rush that it was like a drug running through my veins.

I was now waiting for a moment where I could release my energy out and show the world that I am more than my weight.

I got an opportunity 2 months later. There was fest in our college and students were invited to perform on various days of the fest. I just jumped right into the opportunity..

My friends made fun of me... But then I just told them to shut up and watch when I get there.

I started preparing hard for my dance performance. I wanted to be my BEST VERSION!

And then the day arrived, the calls, the rejection, the humiliation, I was subjected was running as flash backs. But I also knew I had to get past it and usher in a new life where my weight doesn’t define me, my TALENT DOES.

I got onto the stage... I closed my eyes and as the music played, I forgot that anyone was watching me and I danced for my dignity, for my future.... Before I could realise, the whole audience stood up on their seats, they started blowing whistles, enjoying, appreciating me.... I was in tears, seeing this adulation and admiration for me... I danced further with more passion. THE CROWD WENT WILD!

I ended my performance with a full split. My friends ran on to the stage to congratulate me, hug me. I was a star overnight!

I am so proud of what I achieved. From Moti, I became the rockstar!

I am slaying it now and Ill keep Slaying it! I am going to make dancing my career and I am going to rock the world.

If you don’t fit the bill as per the standard definition of the world, let that not bother you! Be   you! Find your calling and rule the world!






Tags: #Confidence #NoBullying