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SHE cheated on me and I lost myself

25 Apr 2017

I have my own small business in a suburb in Delhi. Nothing fancy, but I own a good restaurant and through which I try and spread happiness in my own little way.

Last year I got married to my now wife after dating her for 3 long years. She was from the same suburb and was exactly from the kind of family that I belong to.

We were instantly connected and we had no problems in adjusting with each other. Our marriage was an ordinary Hindu wedding with friends, family and well-wishers’’ presence.

As soon as we got married, we went for our honeymoon. I had everything planned for her. She wanted to see Switzerland and I had saved all my money to make her dream come true.

She was so happy. We returned back but I made sure that I gave her ample time. I wasn’t the husband who was busy and had no time for her. Rather I was the person, who even without her telling knew what she wanted, where she wanted to go. I took her on long rides and I did everything good.

It’s not just my view. She herself used to tell me that she is lucky to have me in her life. And that she was proud that her man cared so much for her.

Everything was fine until 4 months ago.

She started spending most of her days out in malls. At first I thought she was bored and unhappy during the day. I suggested her if she wanted to come and manage the restaurant or if she wanted to work. She said she doesn’t want either of the two options. She just wants to spend some time with her friends and have fun as she is young and after kids this may not be possible.

To me this made sense, so I didn’t read too much into this. But soon I started seeing that she is hiding her phone away from me. Even when I am home, she is busy on the internet or talking to someone in the balcony.

I was very uncomfortable and unsure of what was happening. I rather than making up a big scene just went and asked her. She started crying and said she is ashamed of me and my thinking. I was taken aback as I didn’t say anything like it. I just asked why suddenly she has less time for me. In a partnership of life, that’s a fair question. Isn’t it. But still I said Sorry...

Life went on. She was looking beautiful than ever and more occupied than ever. I was just wondering why. I was called to the mall by a retail outlet for a possible catering assignment. What I saw there, shook me up completely,

My wife was sitting almost meshed with a boy. The boy had his hands around my wife’s ears and he was caressing her hair. The other hand was in my wife’s hand. There was nothing subliminal about it. It was all out in my face...

I was zapped. Infact I was tormented, disoriented, angry, ashamed and even awkaward. I just felt too many emotions all at once. At first, I thought of going and slapping my wife hard on her face and also to the man. But then I controlled my anger. I went back to home and waited for her to come.

When she came, she came in close to me and kissed me on my cheeks. This was the first time, I felt so repulsed by her and her touch. It was like an attack on me.

I asked her to sit with me. And staright away, without wasting time,I asked her why is she cheating on me?

She was pale white. She stood up and said are you mad? Then I showed her the pictures. She sat back and started crying.... She said I love you. What I did was basically just out of thrill and fun. I don’t even love him.

I felt ashamed of her and my love. She thinks my heart can be broken for her adventure and her fun. What if I am in her place? Would it be still fun?

I told her I don’t want to live anymore with her. She started crying and said how could I?

She said had I been in her place, she would have forgiven me? She reminded me of our love... But then how did she forget it. For some thrills?

I am unable to think straight. I have asked her for time.

I don’t know whether to live with her or without her. Ill be lost in both cases.... Because I truly madly have loved her with all my heart.

I am heartbroken. I really am!

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