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My husband is an angel

21 Apr 2017

I am an ambitious 29 year old woman running my own fashion start-up.

I have been a workaholic and had a strong desire to achieve path breaking success since I was a child.

 I met my husband (now) 4 years ago in my post graduate college. He was my senior. I gave an opening speech for our batch and he came to me after the program was over. He said he was mesmerized by my passion and that he wanted to date me. His directness and reason to date me impressed me and swept me off my feet. We started seeing each other and every day I would thank god for being married to someone so selfless, so pure and so forward look.

Once I finished college and he was settled as an investment banker, we got married.

6 months after our marriage, I told Ajay that I wanted to start my own fashion label with a difference.  I wanted to create individualised style for people in work place. I had no experience in this field and only a vision! But he instantly said, I need to start working on the plan and that he is there to support me no matter what.

I was so happy that he had more faith in me than I had on myself.

I started working on the plan but since I wasn’t from IIT and IIM, funding for my start-up did not happen. I was distraught. My husband took a loan for my business and became the guarantor.

I was never ever aware that a man can be like him. That a man can give in his own savings and future to help a woman, his wife builds her dreams. Not only that, he would come in the night and then work with me, code for me, discuss the plan and then barely sleep.

He supported me through the entire lifecycle of the business. I lost faith at multiple times. But he never lost faith in me. My parents and my friends and even my mentors would sometimes doubt whether this could be ever successful. And that raised doubts.


 A competitor with a much worse plan and just a tag from IIT and IIM received the fund. I was distraught that day... When I came back home, I cried my heart out! Ajay researched 100 start-ups with funds who did not do well and 10 which were bootstrapped survived and thrived. While a small gesture, it gave me the vibe to struggle again. I started counselling because I was so disturbed with the ups and downs, the emptiness of my work and the still unachieved dreams. But my husband stood by me.

Today I am a very successful entrepreneur and my line runs so well that it has beaten the competitors left, right and centre.

All my success, my surviving and my staying the course is because of AJAY!

Ajay is the rock. He is the man behind my success and the man besides me and the man in front of my concerns! 

Who says men can’t be selfless. My Ajay is an example.  I won’t entrepreneurship award this year and my husband had tears of joy.

I feel so happy. To the men and women reading my account, support your spouse. They only have you. Be their wings. Help them fly! Life will be worthwhile!


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Type your message in the Chat  To connect instantly & privately to an expert EPsyClinic psychologist NOW


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