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When does MASTURBATION become a problem?

16 Apr 2017

Masturbation is a very regular sexual pleasurable activity. Almost all people have tried it and engage in it regularly.


Generally speaking masturbation helps people gain more pleasure and is a very routine activity!

But excess of it, anything more than a day or preference to masturbation over the real deal all the time signals a PROBLEM!

But how does this routine activity turn into a concern?

Many people who do not have access to the right partner give their sexual urges, an outlet through masturbation. But since it’s a heavily focussed activity on one thing and  there being no foreplay, people start doing it more and more to gather the same kind of sensual pleasure. This increase in frequency becomes a habit and with time may only increase in order to satiate the need increase for pleasure.

 This works well for them until they find the right partner.

This addiction and masturbation as an activity is registered within a person’s brain and now even when they have a partner, they can’t resist the urge to masturbate.

Usually masturbation is not a problem but since it drains sexual energy, it never allows a person to put in their complete self in front of their partner. This leads to frustration to both partners.

Also along with it, the urge to masturbate may happen at any time. This is because in college days, people have the time to masturbate at any time. This becomes a part of learnt behaviour. When people enter into workforce, the urges remain and are reinforced at a certain time during the day. This can lead to a lot of guilt, confusion and irritability in the person experiencing it.

Neither can they neither satisfy their urges nor concentrate on the work at hand.

Masturbation addiction takes the pleasure out of the game and makes a person filled with guilt, frustration and troubled relationships.

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