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5 things I need from you HUBBY

14 Apr 2017

Hey hubby,


I am coming to live after marriage in your apartment. But that is only major change that will happen in my life.

Let me set the rules down J

1.You and I will share our lives but its ok if we can’t share our friends.

You don’t have to love my weirdo friends (They are partly like me though) and I don’t have to make peace with your Burrpp Bros! We don’t have to even convince each other to let go of friends that we love! We have to keep our circles alive, whether the intersection happens or NOT!

2.I am not going to wash your Dirty “Kacchas”. You don’t have to change tyres of my CAR!


I know, I know world has been living on Clichés. But hey let’s not do that! I am sure you know how t set the washing machine up and wash your dirty (at times stinky) laundry! And I am ready to change the tyre of my car when it gets punctured or something as simple as opening a JAR  


3.I am not going to force you to watch my twilights, you are free to watch the KUNG FU


We love each other but hey the movies that we love need not be replaced. That’s not to say we won’t enjoy films together. We would! But just because you love something and i hate it or vice versa, I will not force you to fall in line and destroy everything that means entertainment for you!  And I don’t expect you to do the same


4.I will not hate on you for talking long hours to your MOM provided the conversation is about something else than ME


You are free to talk however you wish to, to your mom and hours of conversation is OK too, provided, I am not the centre of the call’s content... And I would talk to my dad for hours too! But only share things we used to. It will never be about the burnt toast you made and how it is never like what my dad makes


5.I will NOT force you in bed

This goes without saying, you can love me as much as you like and I would love you too! But I can’t be forced in bed... Of course you can seduce me and if I want to go further, Ill tell ya! But if it’s a no mood then it’s a NO! And ill understand when you are not ready either! It would be cool with me


So hubby darling, I love you and will spend the rest of my life with you! But not change my life for you! Accepting each other the way we are is what LOVE IS ALL ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE



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