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My wife’s depression changed her completely

12 Apr 2017

She was a chirpy soul, the light of the occasions, the most fun loving person, a centre of attraction, a warm large hearted personality. My wife was the most amazing person I had ever met. She used to keep everyone around her happy and positive.

I have been through a lot of tough times in life right from losing a job in recession to losing my father just after my marriage. But my wife was the positive force that pulled me through all these dark times. She had that eternal flair of positivity around her or it could be that she used to make sure that I don’t lose hope and she kept pulling through.

Whatever it was, it was her and her persona that made sure I had the courage to fight through my life battles and still remain happy and confident.

But things have changed drastically now!

We moved to this new place for work and ever since we are here, she started to remain quiet. She still did the home coming and house warming parties, the weekend luncheons with friends but it was never the same. She appeared smiling just for the sake of it, not really enjoying the company and even at times, a bit spaced out… I tried talking to her initially of what was going on?

She said that she is fine and it may be the change of place that is making her a bit discomforted and with time these things are bound to change….

I believed this to be true… But it never changed. She went in a shell. She started crying very often on small things. Like the other day, I on phone said that I have a meeting that will extend up to late and it won’t be possible for me to make it to the dinner. But what happened next scared me. She started crying loudly on the phone and kept the phone down. I rushed back from work to home. She was still crying. I asked her what happened and she had no explanation. She just kept crying.


The next two days I observed carefully and saw that she had no interest in grooming herself, not even brushing her hair. She would eat less, sleep less and even get irritated at the smallest of things. She was appearing totally different, almost like a stranger to me.

I knew this is not my Shachi!

I knew something was wrong and I booked her a session at EPsyClinic. She was diagnosed with depression.

I was very shocked to learn that she had depression. I mean I had a new job and now was making more money. She was always a person who enjoyed change. She couldn’t be depressed. How could she?

But the counsellor told it doesn’t work like this. Depression is not about a person and what they like. It’s an illness marked by changes in thought patterns and even chemical changes. It could happen to anyone no matter what their personality or what they liked.

I broke down to see my Shachi this way. But the counsellor told me there is hope ad that she can get back on track again like always.

She is currently undergoing therapy and we are seeing some positive changes. She is not there yet and that breaks my heart but considering the crying spells, the empty gaze has waned away and it’s just middle of the treatment, I am sure I’ll see my Shachi her happy self again.

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