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I Enjoy Porn… And I’m A Woman

23 Mar 2017



We live in a highly male dominated world and therefore it is often assumed that men have certain needs, while women's needs fade into the background. This difference gets even more highlighted when we talk about sexuality. Conversations around sexual needs and what turns us on are often centred on men. The same can be said about pornography. It is a common assumption that only men watch porn. That is far from the truth. I am a woman, I enjoy pornography, and I am not alone.


In recent studies it has been seen that more women are watching porn, and most of them are logging on through smart phones and tabs. Why is that relevant you might think? For years women have been made to suppress their sexual needs. Watching porn has been absolutely taboo and access to it greatly restricted. Boys could get DVDs way back in school, but girls… how could we voice our desire to check it out as well. We have been directly and indirectly indoctrinated with the idea that porn is sleazy and shameful. So much so that when I first found out my partner saw porn I was horrified and felt physically sick. Later of course, I grew to enjoy it and developed my own kind of taste in it.  In this scenario, having access to porn on smart devices at the tap of your finger, has been liberating to say the least.


For me, the internet was a boon. I could finally browse through porn sites and satisfy my curiosity without being judged. It also provided a safe space for me to satisfy my sexual needs. It is however a testament to how taboo porn viewing is considered for women, that my best friend and I discussed it after many years of friendship, bringing it up sheepishly with the hopes that neither would be judged. Yet, that was nearly a decade ago and things have changed with a growing female porn viewership. While a lot of porn sites have male-centric videos, with more women watching porn, there is more content being created to suit our tastes as well.


Using porn to cultivate one's own sexual agency, find what one wants, and to figure out how to please oneself is as acceptable for women as it is for men. This has been corroborated by studies that have found female porn viewership increasing worldwide.


While it's a prevalent misconception that women who do watch porn do it for the sake of their partners, the truth is we do it for the same reasons as men do: It's a quick way to have an orgasm. It's also a good way to learn some new tricks to try out the next time we hit the bed with our partners, but that's rarely the primary motive. Women today are ready to explore their sexuality and satisfy their sexual needs. Free access to pornography gives them an avenue to do so.

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