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5 Things That Every Parent Of A Special Needs Child Goes Through

23 Mar 2017

5 Things That Every Parent Of A Special Needs Child Goes Through 

 You find out you're pregnant and you're ecstatic. The pregnancy is a breeze and you welcome the child you already love into the world. The child whose health and happiness you've been praying for. But something is amiss. You find out your child has a problem and suddenly you're in a whirlpool of doctors, medication and treatment with your “special needs” child.   

Parents of children with special needs have a long, hard road to travel. Unfortunately, not too many people understand what they go through. Often they themselves take some time to come to terms with their new role in life and may struggle with the anger and grief that comes along with it. Here are some things that parents of special needs children experience.

1.  Heartbreak, grief, acceptance, love


All parents hope and pray for healthy kids. When you find out your child is going to struggle with a health issue for a long time to come, it breaks your heart. It also cracks open the dreams you may have once had about the kind of life you would have with your child. The grief can be overwhelming, and while most parents try to push it aside to get on with the practicalities of dealing with the situation, it is there. Once you have acknowledged that, space opens up for acceptance and love. It's your child and you will do your best to give them the best life possible. 

2. Tiredness takes on a whole new meaning


All parents experience tiredness at a whole other level from people without children. But those who have kids with special needs almost deserve a medal. Their days are often longer and harder than we can even begin to imagine. So cut them some slack and offer to help out if you can.


3. Fear is real and constant


Most parents worry about their children—it comes as part of the job. But special needs parents live with that fear constantly. What if they aren't doing enough? What if there's some treatment they haven't researched? What if their child is being abused but can't communicate it? Who will take care of them if something happens to the parents? It's an endless list of very real fears.

4. Loneliness


It's lonely raising a special needs child. You're happy for your friends and family who have typical kids, but you feel like an outsider. No one understands your child quite in the way you do. People may try to help, but they can't really understand what you go through on a daily basis. Connecting with other special needs parents helps, but sometimes the loneliness can be overwhelming.

5. Jealousy is normal

This can sometimes be hard to admit but jealousy does rear its ugly head when you see children younger than yours easily doing what your child struggles to do. It can be hard to hear of other children's accomplishments or even of their parents complaining about them not eating their veggies or listening to them. It doesn't seem fair that you and your child have to go through this. It is important to know that it's fine to feel jealous. Accept the feeling and move on. You will have your own “normal” and your own set of victories. 

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