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22 Mar 2017

Does it seem like your husband is always on the phone with his mother? Listening to her every need, fulfilling her wish and sharing all your secrets with her?

Does it feel like everybody tells you how great your husband is because of how he takes care of his mom but they don’t understand how difficult it is for you?

Does it feel like you may be the mistress in this relationship, rather than the wife itself? When you try to talk about it, does your husband complain that you are trying to control him?

This often occurs in an enmeshed relationship between the mother and son.  Often termed as MEM (Mother enmeshed Men), this type of relationship is a growing epidemic and makes marital life difficult for their spouses. An enmeshed relationship is one in which individuals feel more emotionally connected to each other and all boundaries are lost. This can lead to the man losing his sense of self and feeling more and more responsible towards his mother, such that all her wishes and needs have to be met for the man to feel right.

When the enmeshed child gets into a relationship with another person, competition arises and the man is made to constantly choose between his wife and mother- A fight that is often won by his mother. This often occurs because they fear that they might lose the attachment that they have with their mothers. But, for the enmeshed men, they do not realize that they are becoming neglecting husbands or abusers- they have their own justifications for their actions.

 But for the spouse, life becomes truly distressing. You feel lonely and betrayed. You feel like an outsider in your own home and you have nobody to even cry to…

If you feel this way about your spouse and if you feel like you have nobody else for you, talk to our professionals who can help you deal with these issues and end your suffering

MEM is a psychological classification made for men enmeshed with their mothers and women in such relationships are seen to have more psychological distress & pain... 

But it can all go down with therapy

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