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I attempted SUICIDE & was on the verge of DIVORCE

21 Mar 2017

My story is really like some serial that comes on TV. But this is true...

I fell in love with my college mate, Arvind. He was from a Rajput family and I was a Punjabi Brahmin. Even though we belonged to well educated families, our parents especially my extended family and his mother were against this marriage because of being from different castes.

I had almost given up but Arvind said he had made his mind and that he was going to make assure that we are together...

He stood by our love and made sure he got his mother convinced... It took a lot of bitterness between them

Even though it was my to be mom in law’s son who had fought with her and expressed his love for me but she somehow started seeing me as the reason behind her son’s first ever revolt. And then the senseless competition started.

We got married but things were never normal... There was so much unnecessary completion that was on. Who is making what for my husband?  Who loves him more? Who he loves more?

Any small or big thing I did, it was used to create a scene and ruckus in our home.

I was debilitated as I always had to prove myself. My husband loved me but with the constant negative feedback, he started behaving awkwardly too.

I joined a job and I used to come late... This was made an issue and my mother in law told my husband that I didn’t care for him as I only cared for my own self. He did retort back and said he disagreed with his mom. But somewhere the constant feedback and the thought that I don’t love him had caught him.

We started having fights on every small thing. Our mornings started with arguing and nagging each other. Once the cycle of bitterness had started, it never stopped.

My mother in law started telling my husband that she thinks he had lost all his happiness with me...


15 days later, we had a bitter fight and in a fit of rage he said that marrying me was the biggest mistake of his life and all his effort to get me in his life was like a suicidal move...

Those words really hurt me... I did not know whether he meant that or just blurted out but the pent up anger, the frustration had taken over me...

I just felt enough was enough.  I packed my bags and I left.

He did not call me.  I kept crying and feeling sad.

He called me after 1 month and by that time; I had become so angry that I banged the phone on him... I was depressed and I attempted suicide in a fit of rage...

I was saved by my father. My father could not take it and he barged in my husband’s home and he told him that how could he not take care of me. He even chided his mother and warned her that her role wasn’t good and that if anything happened to me, he would really not leave any of them

My husband somehow realised his mistake. He felt guilty that he led his mother’s opinions influence his love and his feelings for me...

He came back to me and apologised many times. But I was not ready... We then started our therapy here at EPsyClinic to work on our relationship.

Exactly after 6 months, we have resolved all our differences. I feel bad that I had such an experience. I also do not mean to say that all mother-in laws will have similar impact on a married couple’s life. I have myself seen many great mother-in laws. But the fact remains any third factor can hamper things and if they go haywire, it is best to seek help.

No stigma is there any more that should stop you....


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