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I am crying uncontrollably on small issues these days

20 Mar 2017

She came from office... She had an unproductive day there... She had to submit a presentation which she couldn’t. It was a new assignment and she felt inadequate and that she wasn’t capable of doing it...

She asked her manager one more day as she was researching the topic and asked for the permission to leave early.

She came back home, had a cup of coffee and started to work again. This time too she was unable to write a single word. She now started feeling very sad and was in despair... Before she realised, she started crying inconsolably... she was loud and it went getting louder. The tears were pouring like a rain... Her head started to pain and her eyes swollen.

In her heart she didn’t know why she was crying the way she was but it was a way her pain and frustration were finding a let out... She cried and cried.

Her mind was telling her that she is a loser and that she cannot do what she has  taken up and that she doesn't deserve to work or live and then she cried more

Her husband was very confused at her reaction and even found it completely unfathomable.

He said to her, you are crying like I have died.

Listening to this she started crying even more heavily.. Her head found the support of the wall. She was howling and her tears were still pouring... she was looking miserable... In that same condition she slept...

When she woke up, her face was all swollen up... She looked miserable... She was now thinking of how she could go to office...

This was disturbing to her but this was not the last time, this happened. It rather became a trend. Any fight with her husband, someone’s bad words just affected her so deeply and she would find herself crying at the top of her voice...

What was happening to her? Why do we experience crying spells?

There could be two reasons

1.Depression: A thought-feeling disorder that makes a person hopeless from inside


2. Hypersensitivity: An emotional filtering disorder that makes regulation of emotions difficult and makes one much more prone to any slight negative feedback or situation

Both the conditions signal a deeper mental and emotional imbalance... and they require proper therapy. A lot of people now seek treatment for it as it is so common and accepted that it’s not a stigma anymore

For the other few people who keep struggling thinking it will get better face very serious consequences.

In case if it’s happening because of depression, they get more negative inside and towards self as time passes by. They lose jobs and find it difficult to even get out of bed as the thoughts KEEP TROUBLING. And since the body's mechanism is to react and act on thoughts, the system keeps wasting effort on meaningless thoughts!  This completely consumes all active energy of the person. They become very prone to suicidal ideations or even suicide.

In case if it’s happening because of hypersensitivity, individuals who ignore help find it difficult to make or sustain friends, learn from their mistakes, stay longer in an organisation, remain happy. They feel weak, unhappy and inadequate inside and are prone to falling in depression.

Shalini was experiencing Depression. She had lost her self worth and because of some performance issues in the past during her tough time in personal life, she developed a perspective that she was incapable. This time when she was given a big opportunity, she succumbed to the negative perception that depression had created for her. 


So if you are having crying spells like the one Shalini was having, you need help... Most people acknowledge this and take the step ahead. You can do this too and you must...


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