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6 Things You Should Never Say To A Man In Bed

14 Mar 2017

Contrary to popular belief, men are sensitive creatures. They are particularly vulnerable when they are in bed, and what you say can spell bad news for your love-life. So here are some things you should just avoid saying in the heat of the moment.


1.  You can't stop now

There are times when it feels just right and you know if he keeps going you're going to hit the big 'O'. However, the moment you say this he feels pressured and in trying to make sure that he keeps things exactly the same, he does quite the opposite.

Tip: Saying 'this feels so good' might be a more effective way to keep him going.


2. That's it?

It may be too soon for you, but if he's ejaculated, he mostly has to stop. That doesn't mean you can't pleasure each other in different ways.

Tip: Instead of making him feel inadequate by saying the session was too short for you, reframe and ask him to do what you'd like.


3. Are you in yet?

There is little else that can hurt a man more than you not knowing if he's entered you yet. It's a direct attack on his size, and we all know that for men, size does matter. Be discreet and find your way around this one without breaking your partner's spirit.


4. I faked it

Women have been blessed (or cursed) with the ability to fake an orgasm. Firstly, don't do it, you and your partner deserve honesty. Secondly, don't tell your partner that you faked it if you did. It's cruel and unnecessary and leaves them feeling hurt and inadequate.


5. I'll do it myself

Yes, we've mastered how to satisfy ourselves in under two minutes. Fumbling man fingers can in fact sometimes be annoying. But brushing him away can make him feel rejected. Instead try to be patient and tell him what you like—the long-term benefits may be worth it.


6. Do I look like I've gained weight?

This is the worst way to put your partner on the spot while having sex and it also showcases your insecurities. It’s a total turn-off.  Spare yourselves and enjoy the ride instead. Even if you have a few extra pounds, a little weight gain doesn't hurt anyone!


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