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Can Depression Cause Changes To Your Personality?

10 Mar 2017


Depression is a disease of thoughts characterised by uncontrollable confused and negative thought patterns that further impact a person’s feelings and further impacts by reducing the ability of the person drastically to perform normal day to day actions.


Depression cannot change a person’s personality forever... But it definitely can mask some of the very obvious traits of a person’s personality in the period where depression as an illness is active.


Some of the common visible changes in personality are


1. A social, extroverted and a warm friendly person may completely recluse and become someone who hates company of people. He/she may want to be left alone all the time.


2. A person with a trait and personality of quick decision-making will become a slow decision maker or one who is unable to make decisions thinking logically. This is because the thoughts become polluted. And the barrage of negative thoughts and that too with no control can make following the logical thoughts for a person extremely difficult or even impossible.


3.  A polite person can become aggressive and irritable. Again this is because, too much is happening within him/her that drains their energy out and makes them more prone to irritability and aggressiveness.


4.  A confident person will become completely lacking in confidence. Since the thoughts buzzing in one’s head keep telling the person that they are not good enough and hence keeping confidence up becomes an uphill or almost impossible task with Depression.


5. An introvert person may further move to extreme shells and may find it extremely hard to even communicate with their loved ones for basic needs and things. It can be extremely tough for a person to manage this situation and can be equally disturbing for the family


6. A person with a regular personality that was upbeat and positive can turn due to depression in a person prone to making negative assumptions... It’s not him/her but the thought-feeling-behaviour disorder causing these drastic changes.


7.  A person with a regular personality of keeping full control on things will appear reckless and not as bothered. Again this is because the person is unable to keep their usual focus on.


Visible changes in one's personality can be Depression,

If you spot any of these changes in you or your loved one, it could be Depression. This disorder is treatable and completely reversible. The only thing stopping most people from treating Depression is their stigma and in some cases belief that its not an illness but a phase.

This is completely untrue. Untreated depression causes death through suicides and a disabled life.

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