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Myths about Sex & Sexuality

02 Mar 2017

Myths of male sexuality

A real man is not into sissy stuff like feelings and communicating.

Fact: Men love romantic talks and touchy feely stuff  :) 

A real man performs in sex, never likes female dominating.

Fact: Man loves when  a woman takes lead and surprises him

Sex is centered on a hard penis and what is done with it.

Fact: Men have pleasure centers all over their body and love being fondled. Some of the places are neck, chest, back, lips.

Real men do not have sexual problems.

Fact: Anyone can have sexual issues, sometimes it could be because of stress, medical conditions or mental health issues. Most sexual issues however are treatable

Focusing more intensely on one’s erection is the best way to get an erection.

Fact: Being too worried about one's erection can actually lead to anxiety and make erection achievement and sustenance tougher!

Myths of female sexuality

Sex is only for women under 40.

Fact: Women enjoy orgasms till they wish to... Sexually active women even at 70 have fun in bed... No expiry date here!

All women have multiple orgasms.

Fact: Multiple orgasms are rare and happen when many things are done correctly... Not all women experience it and its perfectly Ok if you don't! 

Pregnancy and delivery reduces women’s responsiveness.

Fact: While some months, libido is depressed but it bounces back to normal! 

If a woman cannot have an orgasm quickly and easily, there is something wrong with her:

Fact: Orgasms with women take time. 

Feminine women do not initiate sex or become wild and unrestrained during sex.

Fact: Sexuality is a humane need. Female is a human. Need we say more?


We are all susceptible to these false assumptions and seemingly silly generalizations about human sexuality. 

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