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Why do have people better orgasms while masturbation than real sex

08 Mar 2017

When people explore pleasure through masturbation, it is usually a space between the real sex and no sex... During the whole masturbation phase, people long for the actual real deal... Yet when its the first time or second or the nth time you have sex with a partner, 80% people never get the kind of crazy mind-blowing orgasm they enjoy while masturbation...

Even when there is no foreplay, no feely stuff, no touch, no body heat then why people often get better orgasms while masturbation?


Here are the reasons


Fantasies:  In your fantasies, you can actually imagine some of the craziest things... And imagining these things can make your mind completely in sync and longing for pleasure... In real sex, you may be limiting playing out your fantasies because of the hesitation of what my partner would think of me.... Or in case, you even ask them, your partner may be reluctant...

You don’t drive it: . Sex can feel like a compromise (oh, you want it that way? Sure let’s do that).  But while masturbation and self exploration, you can be your own boss and guide and steer your pleasure terrain the way you want

You can go as long as you want: Women take longer to be excited. Women need longer rubbing and caressing. When in actual sex, there is always a time limit and some men find it really difficult to control. Therefore women never reach the peak and men drop off much faster... With masturbation, you can keep going, till it hits you with a mind-blowing orgasm... And if the first time, isn’t good, you can go twice or thrice....

Your mind guides you: Often while masturbating, you can guide yourself. Whatever you like, whether it’s a hand moment or a rub on your genitals, you get the pleasure signal and your mind instantly sends message to your hand to keep going with the same moment. While in real sex, most people often find it extremely difficult to guide their partners such minute to minute...


So does that mean sex can never be as fun?


No certainly not true. Where men and women have complete trust on each other and are open about their wants in bed, sex is mind blowing. Infact in 5% of couples who are open to each other and their needs, sex is a divine heavenly experience. This pleasure matches like no other!


So a tip from ePsyClinic: Speak your mind to your partner... Don’t be shy! Don’t be hesitant! If you enjoy and have fun, he/she has fun too and you always can return the favour almost instantly!

So go for it tonight J


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