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Do you know your child might be stressed?

07 Mar 2017

7 Signs That Your Child Is Going Through Stress And Anxiety


Stress is a part of everyone's life, and kids are no exception. There’s often a misconception that childhood is this happy, carefree time, but children, from a pretty young age, have to deal with a lot of pressure—to perform, to conform, to please. Often, they have not developed the right coping skills to deal with stress and it takes a heavy toll on their mental and physical health.

One of the most stressful times for teenagers is exam time, especially the board exams. From worrying about their grades to fear of disappointing their parents and ruining their chances at a successful future, the pressure they're under is immense. It's important that parents offer support and counselling to children at this time. Early intervention is the best way to stop things from getting worse.

To identify if your child is stressed during exam time look out for the following signs:


·        Irritability and mood swings

If your otherwise mostly pleasant child is suddenly grumpy or swings between being happy and having bouts of depression, chances are they need your support.


·        Loss of appetite

Your healthy eater is pushing food around on the plate and skips meals frequently. It's likely that stress is ruining their appetite and taking a toll on them.


·        Change in sleep patterns

An inability to fall asleep at night or wake up in the morning is indicative of anxiety in children. Chances are that exam stress may be creeping up on them, making them lose much needed sleep.


·        Isolation or withdrawal from people they otherwise interacted with

Anxiety and a sense of inadequacy can lead to your kid refusing to meet friends and family around exam time.


·        Signs of nervousness

 Is your child grinding her teeth, fidgeting or nail biting? All these are tell-tale signs of nervousness and are probably manifesting due to the immense exam stress they're under.

·        Statements that express confusion, anger or self-doubt

Children sometimes don't know how to articulate that they're feeling stressed but will end up making statements that can give an insight into their state of being. Keep an ear out for statements like, ‘I’m no good at anything” or “I just want to run away.”


·        Tummy trouble or headaches

Unaddressed stress and anxiety can result in physical symptoms such as headaches or tummy aches around exam time.


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