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A Day In The Life Of A Person Battling Anxiety

07 Mar 2017


Aachal Khandelwal,

Senior Psychologist,

Research shows that anxiety is now more common than depression. It’s really hard to understand what anxiety is and how it can affect a person’s daily life. Anxiety feels like your mind is on fire, over thinking and over analyzing every little, irrelevant thing.

This article is a small attempt to give you an insight on a person’s day, suffering from some form of anxiety, just so that you know what you can do to make their day better.


3.00 am : Wakes up suddenly

Sonia wakes up suddenly and feels her heart pounding, she can’t recollect what was on her mind while sleeping. She sits up on her bed, waiting for the feeling to pass. She turns around to see if everything is fine, she checks her phone for any updates – Was there a calamity? Is someone she knows dying? She tosses back in bed and tries to sleep, checking her phone at intervals. She finally manages to sleep by 5 am.


7:00 am : Alarm rings

She looks at her phone, feeling exhausted and tired. Her first though is “How am I gonna do this ?” , I feel so tired. While she’s lying in bed, she imagines that she loses her speech during the presentation, worse she falls on the floor while sitting down. Pushing these thoughts away, she gets out of bed feeling breathless.


8.30 am: Leaves the house in a frenzy

Sonia sits down on the chair, wondering if she’s going to faint. She just doesn’t feel right, but remembers that all her diagnostic evaluations are clear. Her doctor has refused to give her any medicine, she cannot keep skipping work. She battles inside her mind, and finally gathers the courage to go to work.

She closes the door behind her, her heat is racing by now – did she forget the geyser on? Will something bad happen on the way to work?


01.00 pm : Cafeteria Lunch

“I’ve got work, I don’t think I have time for lunch.” – But her colleague drags her to the cafeteria for a little chat. She’s constantly worried that everyone in the room is judging her – she didn’t wear the right dress? She’s looking hideous? Everyone is staring at her. While she is lost in her thoughts, her friend nudges her and questions her – “Why are you not listening?”

Sonia heart is not pounding faster, she is having difficulty breathe and starts to feel choked. She is sure that something will happen to her now, her mind starts to race “Will they know what to do, if I faint?” – “What if there is no doctor and I die?”, “What if they give me the wrong medicine?”. As, she raps her mind around these thoughts, she just drinks a glass to water and finds a way to go back to her work station.


03.30 pm - Presentation Time

Sonia’s phone rings, and she finds out that the presentation has been preponed and she has 30 mins to get her act together. She feels week in the knees, as she is sure she is going to forget some facts or mispronounce something during the presentation that will ruin everything. Or that she’ll completely miss a cue and say something extremely out of place or borderline offensive. Should that happen, everyone in the office will hate her and then probably her boss will actually fire her this time.


05.30 pm – Munch Time

Sonia enters the house and finds herself eating too much – chocolates, pizzas, everything that's crunchy and remotely comforting. She’s finally feeling little at ease, just wants to relax and watch her favourite show. She gets a call from her friend to inform her that she is coming down as she wants to discuss something important.

She has been ignoring her friends for a few days now and can’t think of a reason to turn her down this time. It becomes a battle in her mind — “I know I shouldn’t feel this way! And yet I totally do!” — Can it please just stop.


 07.30 pm –

Sonia is exhausted – she is feeling so drained. And her mind hasn’t stopped racing with bizarre thoughts “Does she want to end our friendship?”, “Have I done something to hurt her?”, so on and so forth. Sonia hasn’t gathered the energy to cook anything, so jus plans to order some good food at home. She finds herself falling in and out of conversation with her friend, failing to add much value as she fears she might say something stupid and appear like a fool.


10.30 pm – Sleep Time

She is tired and just wants a good night’s sleep as she really needs energy to get past another day. As she lies down, she picks up her phone browsing through friends' Facebook pages and looking at their seemingly perfect lives. She is frustrated with herself for falling behind, and worrying about the small things when there is so much more to this world. She twists and turns, sometimes reading articles or browsing through random pictures in the hope that she’ll feel sleepy too.


12.45 am – Still awake

She has tried enough but no managed to get 10 minutes of peaceful nap. She is thinking of the times she failed herself, and can’t help but wonder how she is going to fail tomorrow. Will she fall while climbing the stairs? Or drop coffee while working on her laptop. “The more I think, the worse it gets. The less I think, the worse it gets. Breathe. Just breathe. It’ll ease soon.” – trying to fight it hard, she slowly falls asleep.


What can you do if this is You or Your Loved One?

Only One Thing, Seek Help Now!


Encourage them to see a therapist and/or psychiatrist, and reassure them that you don’t think they’re crazy. 


If you can relate to this article strongly and this is your or your loved one's routine more or less than you have to seek help here at



Science Fact: Imagine this to be the routine and norm. Imagine your mind producing millions of negative thoughts and brain releasing chemicals  to mull on these thoughts.. Imagine how the energy is not left there to listen or to enjoy..  

What can you do if this is You or Your Loved One?

Only One Thing, Seek Help Now! 

Depression like any other illness is treatable and must be treated with urgency.. 


Treatment & Management of Anxiety

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 After taking history of the client, we go on to do the clinical assessment to ensure the presence of anxiety and assess its severity. Depending on the severity, we lay out a counseling & psychiatric intervention plan and help you manage and take control of your life. The entire intervention is Designed by India's leading Clinical Psychologists & Psychiatrists for Ensuring Treatment Outcomes Online



Take Charge Take Control

Show Courage & Seek Therapy



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