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6 Signs That Your Sex Life Needs Therapy

05 Mar 2017

Let’s face it: people are more open to discussing how they are doing in the bathroom than in the bedroom department! Because of our extreme reluctance to talk about sexual issues—even to our intimate partner—problems that can be easily solved sometimes become worse. Fact is that a sexually healthy relationship is a must for a healthy marriage. And the faster you take care of budding problems the better. A good therapist could help you get to the bottom of the problem (which is often in the mind!) and lead you towards a more fulfilling sexual equation.

Here are some signs that your sex life needs intervention:


1. Your heart sinks when your partner is “in the mood”

If the idea of having sex with your partner makes you say, “oh no not again” it’s a problem. Is it that you have very different sex drives, or is it that for some reason they are no longer attractive to you? Sometimes, anger or resentment about other issues can make you lose interest in sex, and you may not even realize it. If this happens a lot, it may be worth it to talk to a professional.


2.  You want more sex than your partner is willing to give

This can make you feel rejected and confused. Is your sex drive too high or their too low? How can you achieve a situation where both are happy? Rather than ignoring this imbalance, let a therapist help you get to the bottom of it so that you have all the facts on hand.


3. You haven’t had sex for months… or is it years?

When a married couple’s sex life grinds to a complete halt, it’s a big red flag even if you both aren’t giving it much thought. By stopping physical contact as lovers you are stripping your relationship of an important layer of intimacy.


4. You both want to revive your love life, but don’t know how

Sometimes life just gets in the way and you aren’t able to make enough time with each other to get romantic and wild. Over time this becomes a habit and you literally lose “practice” at romance. When you do try it seems forced and not so much fun. In such situations, a professional can help you inject the fun back into your flagging sex life.

5.  You’re facing performance pressure

Performance troubles could in men include getting and maintaining an erection or having an orgasm too soon. In women it could be an inability to get physically aroused and having to “fake” orgasms rather than actually having them. All of the above problems could be rooted in issues such as anxiety, stress and even past sexual trauma—and when a partner expresses dissatisfaction it just gets worse and the cycle continues. Therapy can help address the root cause of performance troubles.

6. You are uncomfortable with your body

Men as well as women may also suffer from self-consciousness about their bodies. They may feel as if they are too “unattractive” or “fat” to be seen naked and as a result do not enjoy sex. Such issues can really make the bedroom lose all signs of life and it’s a good idea to get help.  

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