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6 Ways To Protect Your Child From Board Exam Stress

02 Mar 2017

We've all been through those few months of board exam stress where we feel that our world will come to a grinding halt if we don't do well. Thinking back to how we felt will help us empathize with our children as they go through this trying period. Here are a few tips to help protect children from the pressure of board exams.


·         Talk to them

Have a conversation with your child about how being nervous before an exam is normal. Go through what they know and what they need to work on so that they feel reassured.

·         Don't put pressure

It's important to let your kid know these grades aren't the defining moment of his life, nor are they the only route to a successful future.

·         Go for counselling

If your child is stressed, go for counselling. It helps get much needed support and perspective. EPsyClinic is offering free counselling for kids until 23 March and is a safe place for them to express themselves.

·         Include some activity and entertainment in their day

Being physically active boosts energy levels, clears the mind and relieves stress. Include it in their daily schedule. Also allow for some time-off to unwind, whether it's a session at the park or a book.

·         Make sure they get enough sleep

A good night's sleep improves cognitive abilities. It will also keep them rested and relaxed.

·         Have healthy meals ready

Being in good health is essential to deal with exam stress. A balanced diet keeps children in the right state of mind and body to cope with exam pressure.


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