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Why do I get sexual dreams with strangers or with known people who I am not in a relationship with

25 Feb 2017

Dreams that are sexual in nature, with men or women who may be known or unknown to you are not uncommon... All of us have seen these kinds of dreams and when they occur that is at the moment of sleep, they give you pleasure, you may feel elated, sensual in sleep. But then as you wake up, they can come with a sense of guilt, a sense of confusion... of what they meant?

Some of the common questions arising in your mind are

1.       Was that a kind of mental cheating?

2.       Are you attracted to a particular man or a woman?

3.       Are you sexually repressed?

4.       Can your spouse or your partner get similar dreams?

5.       Are you guilty?

While these questions are not baseless, but the dream is actually suggesting a deeper disconnect with your sexuality expectations and sexual life reality.

Such dreams are your mind’s way of telling you that you are not leading a fulfilling sexual life with your partner. There could be a lack of sexual activity all together or there could be lack of YOUR kind of sex.

There could be spark missing or lack of satisfaction. It could also suggest that you have a suppressed need to express yourself more freely sexually...


1.       If your sexual life is inactive then work it out with your partner

2.       If you and your partner have different ideas about sexual satisfaction & style of love making then talk about the same to him/her freely.  Even if she/he doesn’t want to do all that you wish to experiment, they surely will be ready to include some aspects to help make your sexual life more meaningful and rounded.

3.  Spend some time and effort in working around and getting some of your sexual desires fulfilled.

4. If you are seeing just one person in your dreams and you know this person well, it could mean you are attracted to him/her... But it may just again be a dissastisfaction with your partner that is making you find this affection in others... Work on your relationship and let your sexual and romantic desires be fulfilled within the secure relationship you have. IF YOU STILL CANT LET GO OF THIS ATTRACTION, you can consider counseling for this...

Sexual health is really important and our dreams that may appear frivolous are a way to help us see what we need.

A good healthy sexual life is linked with a healthy mental and emotional health!


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