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A Day In The Life Of A Couple Facing Marital Discord

11 Dec 2016

At one point of life, we all think of getting married. Then, some of us hesitate knowing about the ugly fights that take place often after marriage. ‘Marital Discord’ --- what’s the reality of it? Let’s take a look.


Supriya & Kunal are a couple going through a bad time in their relationship. This is a day out of their life.


Morning 6 AM

Supriya woke up in the morning. She feels fatigued already.

The moment she woke she felt it was a long day ahead full of housework with no one to help, taking care of the children and the constant fights going on for past few days.


Morning 6:30 AM

She serves tea and rushes to prepare breakfast for the family.

She rushes to prepare the kids for school, packs their and Kunal’s lunch. As they leave, she dives to tackling the cooking for the day.


Noon 12 PM

Kunal calls Supriya

Kunal: ‘I don’t think I can make it for the Sharma’s invite tonight. Kindly manage I have a meeting at office.’

Supriya: ‘Well, I can’t say am much surprised.’

Kunal: ‘What does that mean? Did I stop you from going? Please go ahead.’

Supriya: ‘Without you, answering all the neighbors’ questions as to why you never attend anything with me! Sorry, but there are only so many excuses that I can make.’


Afternoon 12:30 PM

Kunal & Supriya are still fighting.

Kunal: ‘What excuse? You can simply tell them the truth. Not everyone thinks like you Supriya, they will understand.’

Supriya: ‘How would you know? You hardly see them or talk to them. It is me who faces all the heat!’

Kunal: ‘I really don’t have time to listen to your nonsense. I’m sorry I even called to inform you!’

Afternoon 3 PM

Supriya finally gets some time off.

She tries to control her disappointment over Kunal and calm herself down. Getting mad won’t really help she knows.


Evening 8:30 PM

Kunal comes back home from office, Supriya serves him tea.

‘How was your day?’ she asks.

Kunal: ‘A long one. But what would you know? You stay at home and relax.’

Supriya: ‘Do you think I don’t work because I stay at home?’


Evening 8:45 PM

Kunal: ‘What is there to do at home? Except for a bit of cooking?’

Supriya: ‘Let’s see; how about going to the market, taking care of your mother, getting the children back from school?’


Evening 9 PM

Kunal: ‘So? You’re my wife; you are supposed to do all that.’

Supriya: ‘Why is that? Mother and children are your responsibility too. Why don’t you share a bit of it?’


Evening 9:15 PM

Kunal: ‘What do you want? I will work at the office all day long and then help you in the household as well? Do you help me in business?’

Supriya: ‘I wanted to, remember? You stopped me from working. You forced me to stay at home. You took away my dreams and career from me.’


Evening 9:30 PM

Kunal: ‘Then who would have looked after the family? And look at you! I provide all the luxury and all you do is to blame me!’

Supriya: ‘No, I blame myself for marrying you. I gave up my life for you, you are not even grateful! You don’t even give me time. You never understand me, all the time keep fighting.’


Evening 9:45 PM

Kunal: ‘So what do you want me to do? Give up everything else in life? You were so matured and different before marriage!’

Supriya: ‘Giving me some time does not mean giving everything up. You were different before we married too, but discussing the past does not change the present.’


Evening 10:00 PM

Kunal: ‘Nothing will. You will never understand me.’

Supriya: ‘Neither will you. I can’t believe you are being like this.’


Evening 10:30 PM

Kunal: ‘I am sure I must have hurt you, but I never did anything intentionally. I don’t know how I can make things better.’

Supriya: ‘It just proves my point. I told you everything, and if you still don’t know, it simply shows you don’t care.’


Night 11:45 PM

Kunal & Supriya went to bed

They faced opposite to each other.

Kunal thought: This her way of ignoring me. She does not even want to get close. I really don’t know what changed!

Supriya thought: He does not care about me. He could have made all of it up now, but he does not even look at me. Why should I go begging all the time? Am not wrong! He changed after marriage.



So this is how an argument looks like. Thought people yell at each other, they rarely communicate, leaving both of them more frustrated than before.

Imagine this to a daily occurring, how hard it must be to live with this.

Treatment & Management of Depression


Marital Discord is best managed through couple therapy process 

Works Like This 


 After speaking to both the partners & understanding their core areas and reasons of conflict, unmet needs from marriage, the therapist works her way to help both partners resolve differences and understand each others needs and perspectives better.  The entire intervention is Designed by India's leading Marital Therapists for Ensuring Conflict Resolution & Regaining happiness back in life


Take Charge Take Control

Show Courage & Seek Therapy



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