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A day in the life of a person Battling Depression

03 Dec 2016

Author: Shipra Dawar

Often people wonder what does Depression actually look like. Since it affects the mood, behavior, thoughts, feelings of the person, it overwhelms anyone trying to understand what Depression actually does to a person.

So in this Article, you would know how Depression impacts a person's Typical Day so that you are in a better position to spot it in yourself and others around you.. 

Mathew is facing Depression since last few months. This is a day pulled out of his life. 


Morning 7:30 am

Mathew's Alarm rings. He has to go to work. 


But as soon he wakes up, he feels that the day will be slow and pathetic for him,

A day where he will have nothing good to accomplish or do. A day where he will again make a fool of himself and be a source of mocking for his colleagues and his boss.  

This thought makes him feel sad first thing in morning and in turn drains out his energy.

He thinks its best to go back to sleep for sometime more. 

Morning 8:30

The alarm rings again.Now he has no time..

He has to quickly get ready and leave for work as his office starts at 10:00 am.

But again the negative thoughts are not leaving him. Mathew's mood is low and he is feeling lethargic..

He is feeling drained in energy 


If you can relate to this,



He somehow wakes up.. Just hardly brushes and washes himself up..

He doesnt groom himself. His thoughts, his feelings are leaving him with no scope to think about how he would end up looking or that he needs to take care of himself...

He just gets going knowing that its a compulsion for him to reach office.. 


Morning 11:30 am

Mathew's boss calls a meeting . In the meeting Mathew is finding difficult to pay attention.

The thoughts in the back of his mind are keeping him numb.. His attention is lost.

Noticing this his boss asks him something related to the project.

Clueless to the situation, now Mathew just says he doesn't know.

His boss rightfully tells him to pay attention. 


Now this has ticked, Mathew's negative thoughts system.

He is thinking that he is now worthless in the eyes of his boss and his colleagues and that he has made a complete fool of himself.

The thought of assuming  himself as a loser in the eyes of others,  debilitated him.

Long after the meeting is over.. these thoughts of immense negativity and self-disgust keep playing like a record in his mind.

He is now really down.. His energy is further sucked up.


Afternoon 1:30 pm

His friends at work called him for lunch.. But thinking about what happened in the office meeting and how he made himself a complete fool, he went and sat there at the corner of the table.

Science Fact : When negative thoughts are buzzing in the mind and the person starts paying attention to those thoughts, all other actions become really difficult for the brain. This is because his/her brain that coordinates all actions, is taking maximum energy in processing and reacting to these thoughts. So because of brain being so involved in thought processing , its food hunger generation mechanisms reduce.   


If you can relate to this,



So Mathew too stops feeling hungry and he ends up eating really less. This in turn further deprives him of the energy that he so needs. 



Evening 4:00 pm 

He is working but his productivity has been reduced to half.

The hopeless thoughts, feelings and lack of energy and no proper nutrition have severly impacted the quality of work that he can produce.

The inability to do work as required is just feeding into the same negative pipelines of thoughts for him

Just like fried food would further make a heart patient unwell,  he is beyond drained now with these constant traffic of thoughts and now just wants to run back home as soon as the time gets over. 



Evening 6:00 PM

On returning from office, Mathew's girlfriend Hazel invites him for a movie and dinner.

The first thought he gets is to say NO. But then he pushes himself to say yes. 

They agree on a place to meet and go to watch a movie.

While seeing the movie, Mathew keeps tuning in and out. Suddenly he would start thinking of how his life is losing  meaning now. How he is a failure and that he is better off not working and spoiling things. 

His Girlfriend shakes his hand and asks him to pay attention to the movie and to her. 

This further generates guilt in him. Now he is thinking that he is not even a good boyfriend.

This thought further engulfs his brain and makes his reaction, responses further down and dumped.. 

At the meal table too, he just remains sad only partially contributing to the conversation.

While his girlfriend is so happy to be with him, he just has no energy to feel anything....


Night 10:00 PM

He just comes back home and straight away falls to his bed..

He is still thinking of how much life has changed for him..

How he is becoming this hopeless person that he fails to recognize...

He shuts his eyes dreading the day that is gonna come tomorrow..

He goes down sleeping think could there be anyway that put an end to his troubles and issues and if not, could it better for him if there could be an end to his existence?...................



So this is how Mathew's one day with Depression looks like.

And this was one of the more social days. Some days he just doesnt get out of bed and just remains warped by his thoughts..

Imagine how tough, debilitating and impossible Depression is for the person suffering.. 

If you can relate to this,

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Science Fact: Imagine this to be the routine and norm. Imagine your mind producing millions of negative thoughts and brain releasing chemicals  to mull on these thoughts.. Imagine how the energy is not left there to listen or to enjoy..  


What can you do if this is You or Your Loved One?

Only One Thing, Seek Help Now! 

Depression like any other illness is treatable and must be treated with urgency.. 




Take Charge Take Control

Show Courage & Seek Therapy

That is the only way to Defeat the 

Monster that is Depression


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