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How Rebecca's home & in-laws issues contributed to post pregnancy depression?

13 Nov 2016

It was a long time after Suzzette called Rebecca. They had been best friends in college. After college, they got married and conversations diminished over time. Today Suzzette had called to tell her best friend that she was pregnant, and due in next 3 months. She shared how supportive her in laws have been, and how her husband had shared every moment of stress and ecstasy with her. She planned to work till the end as she wanted to stretch her maternity leave post birth…

Rebecca’s own experience of pregnancy had been much different. From the moment her husband and in laws came to know of it, she faced one restriction after another.

She could not do the job she loved so much, as it would ‘exhaust’ her out during pregnancy.

 She could not eat what she wanted to, as her mother in law knew better and therefore would decide her diet. If she asked for something of her husband, he would consult with his mother before consenting to her. Rebecca went in to depression during her pregnancy.


After the child was born, it was another story. It was not her child, it was the heir. She could not take decisions about his well being.

She was criticized on every instance. When she shared her concern with her husband, he simply said that his mother had raised him and his sister, so she was experienced and thus Rebecca should follow her lead. Rebecca was at her lowest point, she hated her life but she could not make herself to end it for the sake of her child.

Rebecca was feeling dreadful... She hated the fact that her mother in law who still controls her son's life is now controlling Rebecca's child's life too...

And the grandmother had all the rights while the mother was just an inexperienced machine that gave out a baby....

Her self-worth crumbled... The sense of entitlement that her husband and his mother had over the baby, crippled Rebecca's emotion... 

She was in shambles when she approached us.... She was diagnosed with clinical depression... Not because of post pregnancy phase and its hormones alone but because of being made to feel such an unwanted alien... 


Constant criticism makes us lose confidence, question our judgments.  Its a fact and if you are facing this too,  you are not alone!

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