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Supreme Court verdict on In-Laws : A discussion from an emotional health and equality standpoint

13 Oct 2016

The verdict says, “ Forcing husband to get separated from his parents, amounts to cruelty and divorce granted”. Another question mark to equality in the society.

Man is responsible for his family and is expected to fulfil his duties and responsibilities towards and his family being deprived of that is subjected to ‘cruelty’ but why isn’t any analogous law for the women then. Why is it considered acceptable to separate a woman from a man in name of tradition where she was moved apart from her own parents herself. Doesn’t she have responsibilities?

Why isn’t there any law that is enforced to prevent the man from separating his wife from her parents and fulfilling all the duties towards. The society is still functioning on a skewed patriarchal thoughts, that too at the level of the supreme most authority. 

The argument here is not about all the women who try to break the man apart from his family and exploiting him. Surely, this laws is based on facts and relevant statistics. But who has looked into the statistics of a woman undergoing immense pain for being separated from there own families, the number of women who aren’t allowed to see their own families to save their marriages, the number of women who have given up on the love and care of their own families to take care of another family and the number of women experiencing immense mental stress and faces mental health issues and not just the women but their families.

The women have undergone such things since centuries, and such twisted sense of ‘standards’ still exists vividly and no one bats an eye. But when the men experience such things, when the men’s families suffer, it becomes a national issues of importance and laws are rolled out against it.

The society is still gripped by these double standards. Even in the 21st century, man and woman are discriminated based on their gender roles, that too at national level. Where the policy making procedures are focused on uplifting the women, then there are these regressive laws which show women will always be less no matter what they do, what they prove. 

This is not to question this law. This is not even to question all the ways this law can be exploited against the women more than it can actually do good to the men and the society but this is about what is the direction in which the the society, the nation is progressing. A woman does everything that a man can do and also what a man can’t do. If only the line of thought which drives the society are straight and moving forwards, a woman can do even more and if the right laws are made, surely there will be a time when having a girl child will be a matter of pride in every house.

"I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”
—Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

It is time to evaluate the progress and the potential of the progress both. Right?

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