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7 - things that are so hurtful about many in laws for a woman

12 Oct 2016

I know a lot of women who do not see their inlaws as parents but I was not one of them... Yet I was cornered

I really wanted to have a very warm relationship with my folks. But then I was hurt..

I am sharing my experiences with you.. In my blog. I am in therapy as I am unhappy. Not just marriage there ARE OTHER issues contributing to it including my work, my life's change and my own issues. In this article, I will share my perspective on inlaws and women who give all...

Woman Gives her all to a Marriage.. and there are a few things which actually drive her into depression, irritability, frustration and also lead to Marital Discord and Couple Issues. 

Here are the 7 things that are really hurtful for the woman

1. Picking on you and comparing you with others: Is is very hurtful when you know that you are doing your bit to be a part of your in law’s family but all you get in return is constantly being told what a terrible daughter in law you are and how others are better than you. 

2. Discriminating you with others in family: It can feel humiliating when you have to wake up at 5am in the morning and do all the household work, cook, get ready and leave for office yourself and you are not allowed to leave any stone unturned to work up the family’s well being while your sister in law is allowed to sleep till mid day and almost needs to do nothing. 

3. Picking on your family and your background: It is never nice to hear spiteful things for the people who raised you or you grew up with. Hearing things like, “your parents didn’t do this” or “ your family has no standards” can be very upsetting.

4. Interfering in personal matter: Even though in laws are a part of your marriage but interfering with every little thing about your relationship with your husband or regarding upbringing of the children is distressing and off limits.

5. Not involving in family matters: Sometimes when your in laws are in deep discussion and they stop talking as you walk in might indicate that you are still an outsider and that may question your belongingness in the family which is hurtful because you are striving to be one of them everyday.

6. Not giving any regards for your opinion: This might miss your own home more when you think how your opinions and counsels mattered and were considered. But with your in laws, from what needs to be cooked to the big decisions of the household are taken without your opinions or consent. That is disturbing

7. No consideration for your feelings and well being: Back at home, if you felt un well or sad, you would immediately find a hand on your head trying to calm you down. But here with in laws, even your tears are ignored and your pain is just put beside.

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