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I am the "Nagging wife": the other side

10 Oct 2016

"I have often become the joke for being a ‘nagging’ wife. And I have been judged and mocked repeatedly for it. It is more like an accusation on me. But does anyone know my side of the story? Has anyone thought that nagging is not in someone’s ‘personality’ and it definitely isn’t fun to do?

I am not fond of nagging and it is surely not my choice. But I have always been made to wait so much for every thing that I have to keep reminding. I have got responsibilities like no one in the family.

I have to juggle between the household chores, my work, the kids and the whole family. All I ask it to get things done at the right time so, that I can do my things right. For every little things, even if it's getting something for home supplies is put on hold.

My everything has to be made to wait. I don’t nag because I want the person to work, I remind so that I can do my work right, my work which can’t be put on hold. If I have asked for the groceries, I need them because I have to cook and feed the family and not because I like badgering and bossing to get things done then.

Firstly, I don’t get help at the right time, then I have to constantly remind for it and then I get mocked in return for just trying to do thing right.

All the time. I am the one taking care of everything and I ask for one help at a certain time and then I am the with being accused. Why doesn’t anyone think that they are irresponsible and not caring?

I may sound strong sometimes, or you may think I am doing this at the wrong time. My attitude might seem negative and it may even look like I am scolding and being quarrelsome.

Do you know why? Because I am stressed and tired myself. I ask you to do something and that just goes to the bottom of your priority list.

And I have to remind you which is taxing on myself because that is an extra work for me. I don’t just have to do my own work and responsibilities but make you do yours too.

As, a woman I am conditioned to be more more responsible for managing home and family life. While I am trying to do my work the best, and I don’t get a response if I ask for something actually gets me more worked up than you because of the ‘nagging’. 

The communication pattern between you and me is so broken down that we just fight and fight! I am sure you have important things to do throughout the day, things much more important than my small routine tasks but nevertheless our house, our happiness depends on that too..Our fights and frustrations have made me really sad.. This is not the marriage I had expected for myself and surely "Nagging" was not something I was Born With!

Hope we can get to understanding each other without jokes and insults, with love and with commitment!



This nagging is not necessarily a characteristic or any idea of recreation, this could be just lack of cooperation and empathy in the relationship.

All one needs is that the partner would understand what she is trying to pull off for everything and everyone, and the partner just needs to cooperate with her by helping her out at the right time. And this holds true for men as well.

Nagging men may have similar reasons for such behavior.The key to having a fulfilling and a ‘non nagging’ relationship is to help each other out and understand the stress both are going through.

If you are going through an "Argumentative Relationship" one where you feel you are being drowned..then couple counseling can help you sort the issues and pain out. You don't have to force yourself and you must not force yourself live in a unhealthy pattern of relationship. It's draining your happiness each day and it can improve. 

Do not wait.  Time may only increase the distance, Instead seek help now!

Online Marriage Therapy at ePsyClinic can even be successful in cases where one partner is willing for therapy and the other is not.

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