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A letter to My Dear Mom & Dad (To-Be)

30 Sep 2016

Dear Mom & Dad (To-Be) 

I am coming soon in your family and I am planning on treating you like my own family. And trust me, 

I have nothing against anyone there. I won’t be there to distance you from your son or brother. I am hardly 25 and I want more love for myself and being so young, I have no competition with you. I  have lots of respect for you 

I have no intentions to bring discord in family or make unpleasant changes there. 

I just want to be a part of your family, like real family. My dear inlaws,  I absolutely believe that you and me can get along as long I get the love and treatment which I deserve and I give you back the love in return. 

I will be your daughter if you treat me like one. 

I will be your sister, if you treat me like one, I will be the perfect family member to any one of you if you sincerely welcome me to your family. It is pretty easy.

Just don’t bully me and pick on me thinking that I am outsider, and my ‘position’ needs to be shown because then I will always remain an outsider.

Please don’t discriminate between me and the existing family members, since,  I need love and acceptance.

Also please love my Maa and Baba too. Please understand they mean the world to me. We have progressed. This is 21st Century. I am going to earn for them too. Please give them the respect and love and understand like your son needs you and you need him, My Ma Baba too depend on me and need me.

Please don’t treat me like an alien and alienate me in your family affairs because I will be there to help only. Otherwise, I will just feel ignored and won’t be able to open up about my own matters either.

 Please don’t treat me like I am just an extra person in the family and there just to do all the chores. I am married to your family and not coming there as a servant or a maid. Treat me with respect and love and I shall do the same with you.

 I am not asking for too much, just want to be treated the way you would want to be treated from me or anybody else and make me a part of the family from your heart and not just by law. I know we can work it out for sure.

Very sincerely,

Moulika Mandal

A woman who hopes to be a part of an unknown family like she has always been a part of it.

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