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Women still face a lot of cliched stuff related to their career and home..

20 Sep 2016

How often have you heard these remarks, exclamations, one-liners, observations, comments, or call it whatever…. from your maternal family, your in-laws, your friends, your relatives, and even your husband……giving you a feeling that your career is just by-the-way..

Here is it by-the-way

1.    You may continue your studies even after marriage…..if your husband allows

2.    You can choose a job as per your convenience once you get married

3.    Your first priority job is to put your house in order….rest can follow

4.    Have a work-life balance, giving your utmost priority to your husband and in-laws

5.    Oh! you are getting married; why not pick up a flexible job

6.    There are many jobs now available for a woman to continue her career-even after marriage

7.    Long working hours may not upset you, but it will definitely mean no work-life balance

8.    Why do you need to work once you have children…your husband is not earning enough to keep your family happy, is it?

9.    Maids are utter nuisance in the house….they have to be carefully kept and looked upon after by a woman only

10.  Why don’t you take a sabbatical from your job, till the time your children are somewhat independent to manage their choices

Till the 21st century, no woman in our society is oblique to such common piece of advice from different people.

It is the woman who is expected to accommodate for all changes in her life.

For, it is just her who is considered to be getting fundamentally married-moving to a new accommodation. And the buck doesn’t stop here.

She is the one supposed to cement her relationship with her husband, her in-laws, and everyone dropping in and out of the house (if it literally means that also). It is she who is expected to forge a bond between the family members, and everything else related as a consequence.

We, as a woman, don’t hesitate and shy away from accommodating ourselves in to a new environment with responsibility.

However, it is time we should at least not be taken for granted-that too in the disguise of shouldering our ONLY responsibility.

By our biological nature, we enjoy our family duties without any complaints. Yet, we are told at many stages of our life-meaning that why do we need to continue with our career? Now, that is strange and even absurd.

A 21st century woman has the experience of tackling such situations,

but now it is the turn of a 21st century man, 21st century family, and other members of the society-to accept us as we are.

It is us, who have chosen to continue our job; for, it gives us immense gratification to put forth our individual skills to something worthy of our time.

Now, a woman should be given equal rights by her family to pursue her dream, and in no way be expected to compromise in lieu of her menial household jobs.

This is the time when there are many career opportunities for a woman to seek her creative apatite. Undoubtedly, this is the time when a woman should be given an equal pedestal in life.

It is indeed the time for a 21st century husband to understand that a woman will unapologetically give attention to her career too. It is now for them to understand that a compromise may be expected from them too-in order to have a happy married life… all means. 

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