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Dear Mom, why do you disapprove of your Son's choice for life?

14 Sep 2016

Dear Mother,

I'm your son and sincerely hope that you are proud of me as I am today. 

You have taken care of me selflessly-

You were there, when a child required to be nestled up with love and bonding. Thank you ma, for giving me such blissful years of my life, and helping me take each step of life with pride and confidence.

Ma, I hope you also feel that your son- as an individual and as an adult has only taken careful decisions in life. Today, I hope you consider me as a grown up individual, than a son; for, I hope you are able to look at things from my perspective too.

Today, I wish to tell you that the very same qualities, inculcated in me, have helped me choose my life partner. As a matter of fact: to fall in love, and be inspired by another human being.

I also wish to share my feelings- as your son, as a human being, as an adult, or as a partner. I wish to tell you that I have high regards for her. She is the one, I engage with an expression of true love, empathy, bonding....and now approval!

Mother, I have chosen a beautiful life partner: Both inside and out. Yes, it is also about instinct, intimacy, love, bonding- yet, of a different kind. It is she, who in my opinion will be the only one for me.

By Gods grace, I have fallen in love, and promised to nurture it with life, commitment, bonding, now.

I understand that we don't share the same opinion at this point of life. I also understand that it not always easy to accept decisions. Specially, when you feel that a young bird has flown out of the nest.

However, I share a bond of trust, integrity, commitment- all seeded in my heart for my beloved lady. She is an important part of my life, accepting me the way I am. That is what I have always longed for, and expected from my life partner.

I see no reason to tell this beautiful person in my life-that no, we cant be together...that we should move on with our lives. I just feel that I should say yes, we should move along side in our lives.  

Today, I'm saddened that you disapprove of me and my most beautiful decision in life. For it is you who inspired me with love, and also taught me how to live life. Still, we hold different views on a matter close to our hearts today. But let me tell you ma; your son is still strong, optimistic, and a go-getter.

I'm hopeful that the time will come soon when you will understand my special bonding with her. One day you will understand why we care for each other in love, and there is no give and take in this relationship. That she is most suited for your son. That, you will not allow your son to follow a path to despair in love. That, once again you will be strength, when I take all important decisions in life.

I know that day will come when you understand me from my heart- and bridge this narrow gap of understanding. For even instinctively, your son is not bold-enough to break a relationship (which I have promised to nurture throughout my life now).

Ma, you were, are, and will continue to be my source of strength. But I am sure Ma, you will support and be happy if I have another source of love and strength in my life. 

I love her Ma and this time your asking me to leave her behind is a decision that may ruin my life forever. Maa, please once think from my perspective. 
Your faithful son

This letter was written by Aayush, one of our relationship therapy clients who is facing issues in being able to marry the love of his life due to ongoing issues with his mother's approval.

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