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Dear Wife: I am sorry to make you feel that you are my Last

13 Sep 2016

My dear Akanksha and readers,

There are two most important women in my life- my wife and my mother.

But I failed in some ways to give one of them, their fair share. May be I was afraid of this world that we live in where unconditional love for wife is seen as Slavery of some sorts.. Yet again I am sorry

While my mother has given me unconditional love and support, my wife makes all the sacrifices for me.

My mother would make sure she cooks my favourite food and now my wife ensures the same.

My success was and is always my mothers prime focus and now I have my wife supports me through.

My mother would pick me when I would fall while I was learning to walk. My wife gives me a hand when I face defeat.

The two most important women live a life that had me as the epicentre.

Why is it that I bow to my mother and give her all the respect while I left no stone upturned to stomp over my wife. Why did I want to test my wife and her dedication, to give her the respect that my mother has in the family now.

The acknowledgement sometimes comes so late that by the time wife gets it, she wouldn't even know the value of it. I am sorry..

I know she would have questioned her worth time and again....and would have lost that battle where respect and affection was her right.

Ill value you my partner and the efforts that you make for me.. 

I will help you walk with a head held high with all the confidence.

I am sorry Akanksha that you felt you are not my first. It was my inability to express.. You are really important to me and I will express this more often.. in fact each day of my life.. I promise



This is a letter shared by Sachin, one of our couple therapy clients. He wrote this letter at the end of the couple therapy process and wanted to share this with all men.. 

This was written after his wife had written a letter to him..

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