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Social Phobia and Social Anxiety: A true story of Shazaan

13 Sep 2016

“Shazaan was a ‘shy’ boy during his childhood. As he grew into adolescence, avoidant responses to social situations started to become obvious. 

He couldn’t make friends, constantly avoided eye contact, preferred isolation in his own room rather than going out, terrified of interacting with strangers and avoided parties and any social gathering. He kept thinking people will judge him, embarrass him and they will know about how tensed he is feeling, or he will do something that will be humiliating. He avoided eating out and if he did, he would never order. He avoided even speaking on phone, thinking his voice will be weak and break, he will stumble and choke or blurt something others will not understand. At the age of 22, he found himself a job in a private sector. He was good at his work and spent all day working in his cubicle having minimal interaction with his colleagues and attended meetings where he would hardly speak a word.

Then at the age of 25, his parents got Shazaan married. It took long but eventually he came in terms with his wife who was very sociable and out spoken. His wife helped out a lot in beginning by taking his phone calls, ordering in restaurants and taking care of conversations in compulsory social gathering.

However, it started to affect his work and personal relationships in some time. Shazaan got a promotion which he refused to take because it involved interacting with customers he didn’t know and attending more meeting where he will have to talk.

His wife started to have issues because she had to take too much charge and couldn’t go to a lot of events because of her husband’s ‘shyness’. His personal and professional life was plummeting. Shazaan’s wife convinced him to get help.

After regular intervention of therapy and counseling at ePsyClinic, Shazaan is a lot on his feet now. He does the grocery shopping and orders in restaurant. He took in promotion and doing well in his new position. His wife is extremely happy that her husband is finally feeling better and attends most of the events she wants to attend. Shazaan still gets nervous and anxious about talking to complete strangers but he is has courage and a lot of positivity that he will overcome them all.”

The above is a classic case of social phobia or often referred to as social anxiety disorder. If the condition remains unchecked it may lead to job loss, broken marriages and relationships and severe depression.

According to DSM, there is another type of phobia known as specific phobia which includes animal phobias, natural environment (water, fire) and situational phobia(closed spaces, height) and blood/injury phobia. These phobias can affect your life adversely too. The sooner you get help and the lesser trouble you will have to go through.  Early help and invention might save you a lot of your and other’s time and energy and more importantly a lot of worrying.

If you are worried about where to seek help or want to avoid making appointments at a specific time and place, we are here to take care of it. You can seek professional help at the comfort of your own house, at your own convenient time and even in your pyjamas at the most affordable cost. All you need is an internet connection.

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