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ePsyClinic --- A Lookback

12 Sep 2016

In a country full of dogmas and irrational beliefs, like women cannot be entrepreneurs or mental illness is a stigma, a young woman took up the challenge to counter both. It started with a personal experience which created a vision, in lieu of that, Shipra Dawar created ePsyClinic on May 10, 2015.

Healthcare is a basic necessity for every individual, and as both mind and body makes up the human being, healthcare is impossible to bifurcate between physical and mental. Rather, complete healthcare is not achievable without the inclusion of mental health care.

Since the beginning ePsyClinic has strived to make mental healthcare available to everybody instead of keeping it as a luxury for the niche population.

Since inception, ePsyClinic has encouraged millions of Indians to overcome their stigma and seek help for issues which might have been otherwise undermined or overlooked. Not only clinical disorders, people often seek help for grief, job stress or relationship issues.

Under the able leadership of CEO Dawar, ePsyClinic has always been a step ahead of its competitors. The USP lies in various areas, from approach to the issue to the services offered. As on date, ePsyClinic offers a plethora of mental wellness services that cater to problems like relationship issues, addiction, professional wellness along with core psychological conditions like depression, OCD, anxiety etc. It also offers a pregnancy wellness program as well. Along with the traditional therapies, ePsyClinic offers a variety of new therapies like Self Reflective therapies.

It was not easy to create an online platform with all the facilities and ambience of a clinic. Yet, ePsyClinic managed to do both in a very short span of time. The major achievements have been the result of USPs, which are:

 I. We operate only online: This means a person doesn’t have to be at a clinic/hospital. She/he can avail these services in a completely Private and anonymous setting from the comfort of their own location and with the mode (i.e. video, audio or chat) that they are most comfortable with. Anonymity is one of the key aspects of ePsyClinic services.

II. Areas of expertise: ePsyClinic Offers 8 core areas of expert consultation and well being, from couple and relationship therapies to clinical issues like depression or anxiety to pregnancy care.

III. Newer range of therapies: Self reflective therapies encompass the traditional psychoanalysis as well as provide newer yet effective measures to deal with hypersensitivity or emotional hurt. Marital issues are also consulted by expert counselors with extreme sensitivity and empathy.

IV. We are available to all: you have an android phone? Well, we are just a click away. Being online not only ensures anonymity but also makes ePsyClinic accessible to anybody and everybody irrespective of their location in the planet --- something that drove the vision for ePsyClinic since the beginning.

The core team of ePsyClinic is built of few of the most brilliant psychological minds of present day, who are creative enough and driven to further the vision. From 45 clients in the first month, ePsyClinic caters for more than 200 clients now on a per day basis. With the change of mindset and increased value of technology, ePsyClinic looks forward to widen its range of services, as well as being more accessible to all. Most of all, it hopes to eradicate the stigma around mental illness so that healthcare remains a right to all, not a treat.

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