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I am Swati Raheja and I have made a happy home for myself

11 Sep 2016

Like every other girl, I always dreamt of getting married and being taken away by my prince charming. I had my fantasies of becoming a bride and spreading my grace in my new home.  I had all the charms of becoming the bride that looks mesmerizing and garners pride to her parent’s name.

So did happen and I fell in love with a man. He was great then and superb now. Our parents took our relationship openhandedly and the date of our marriage was decided.

The wedding function was grand and grander was the reception. I felt all my dreams coming true even all of them did but my journey after marriage made me a new person rather a mature person which I was not earlier.

I came into my new house to live with my husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law not younger but 3 years elder to my husband.

My mother-in-law has Parkinsons and gets frequents falls which makes it difficult for her to stand and work.

 She is also affected by polymicrogyria; a disease that prevents the brain from sending signals to rest of the body.

My brother-in-law has polio and hence his polio-affected feet doesn’t let him stand either.

Not that I was not aware of all these things; my husband gave me a very clear picture of his home and the family members.

I choose to be with him because I loved him and was ready to face this challenge.

From being the youngest and the most pampered child of my maternal home, I came to a family where in some way or other I was the eldest after my husband.

My mother in law because of the diseases had gone ill and found it difficult to fulfill her role perfectly.

In ordinary conditions, all these things might have made a girl weak but my case was different.

I saw it an opportunity to win. I found another mother in the form of my mother-in-law.

Why can’t ,a mother in law and a daughter in law can be friends. I am with mine.

She is the most considerate mother in law anyone can ever get. She has never asked me for anything and in return, I gave her everything I thought she needs. 

My brother-in-law, on the other hand, has given me the respect I never could have dreamt of. He cares for me in a way a brother does for his sister and has never said a word to me in aggression or high tone.

I and my husband go to parties, return back home late, and even go for vacations at many places.

But before leaving the house I ensure that I make arrangements for my family back home. I make necessary arrangements for them to sleep comfortably as I might be late coming back.

With all the roles and added responsibilities, I sometimes get but I collect myself and walk on the path that I should have pursue as a family member, as a daughter in law.

The crux of narrating this whole story is to tell every one out there that the life isn’t a bed of roses.

You might not always get what you dreamt for. But, you will get better.

In some way or other; I got such a loving husband that even if I get disturbed with something in our home he makes me understand the reasons in a very logical way which solves the entire situation.

My suggestion is to be rational and lead the life positively. 

If I would have left in between or have said no for the very first time my husband proposed me I might not have got to know such amazing people.

They are great human beings and even greater in-laws. They gave me what I never expected and deserving it, is a blessing I seek from god.

Swati Raheja.

This is a feeling note written by one of our active readers, Swati Raheja and  she has a great message of positivity.

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