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Dear Husband, will I ever be your First?

10 Sep 2016

Dear Sachin,

 I love you immensely, and I'm sure you know it.

I left my parents for you, my house where I grew up for you, my room which I decorated with so much passion for you! Yes all for you!   All because I wanted to be with you.

Because the day I decided we will be together, everything else came second, and you topped all my lists.

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 I started dressing up the way you liked me to, I changed my hairstyle for you didn't like me with short hair, changed my work timings , stopped talking to friends you dint like and many more all for you!

I know you didn't force me to but I saw you were happier when I was giving you that attention.

I made your family mine, your siblings mine, your relatives mine, just for you. Today also be it Diwali, Holi or New Year I wish your family before I wish mine. I know more about your parents likes and dislikes even more than I know about my parents, all for you!

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I stood by you every time you came late from work, every time you were stressed because of work, every time you travelled for work while I was alone here, all for you!

I am not sharing these these things with you today because I want to tell you how much I have done for you, or because I am regretting any of it, but only because I fail to understand when will I be your first? Or will I ever be your first ?

I never come between your work, but on someday a when I am low and want you to come home early, try considering it too? Work is certainly important, but ever thought there is someone waiting all day just for you?

Consider asking me how my day was too? Consider thinking that there is someone waiting for you all day too? Consider spending sometime with me too?

 I don't want you to leave your work, your family or your friends, but sometimes, just sometimes consider me too? And also consider that I have a family too. Support me in taking care of them like I support you.

You know Papa's health was down last month. I would have loved if you could have taken a small leave and come with me while I was taking care of him. So many times I have done this for your family... 

Sometimes, before thinking of anything else, think of me in the morning. I wake up next to you.. I would love if you make me feel needed in your life

For me you are and will always remain my first.

Yours always


This is a letter by one of our couple therapy clients and she requested us to make this article open. 

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